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My 9 year old daughter went onto a pump five weeks ago. While she is now averaging BGLs of about 7.1 I’m frustrated by the fine tunning. Could people post their settings. I find this a great help in making adjustments.

Milly’s settings are currently

Sensitvity 5
Target 5
Carb ratio 20

12 to 6am .40
6 to 9 am .5
9am to 4pm .4
4pm to 12 .6

I’m not sure what sensitivity and target refer to (I’m on an Animas), as my numbers aren’t like that at all, but I can addess the others. My insulin sensitivity ratio is 1 to 75, and my target is 120. Here’s my basals, but since she is 9 years old and probably much smaller than I, I’m thinking we’re hard to compare.
Carb ratio: 1:15 for breakfast, 1:18 other times of day
12 to 5 am .7
5 to 8 am .5
8 to 12 am .6

Funny thing is that these ratios aren’t that different from her. Sensitivity and target is in mmol.

Do you rely on medical advice to set5 or do you do it yourself.

Thanks I think this info is really useful

Hi Peter, since many people here are more familiar with the system that they use for measuring blood sugar in the USA, I wrote Milly’s setting in the mg/dl system below (in the rest of the world, they use mmol/L). To interpret the responses, you can use this website for converting

So Milly’s settings are:
Insulin sensitivity ratio (correction factor)- 1 to 90 mg/dl (5 mmol/L)
(means that 1 unit of insulin brings her blood sugar down 90 mg/dl)

Target blood sugar is 90 mg/dl (5 mmol/L)

Carb ratio and basals are the same.

My settings are:
Insulin sensitivity 1 to 70-80mg/dl (3.8-4.4 mmol/L) depending on the time of day

Target blood sugar is 100 mg/dl (5.5 mmol/L)

Carb ratio is 1u for every 13g of carb

12 to 2am 0.7
2am to 7am 0.4
7am to 7pm 0.5
7pm to 12 0.7

Everyone is so unique with their settings, I would not adjust Milly’s settings based on what other people’s settings are. Rather you can write down her blood sugars and look for patterns of WHEN she is high. If it’s after lunch, then she either needs for insulin for the carbs at lunch or a higher basal rate.

It’s usually good to test the basal rate first. There is a REALLY good book that helps get the insulin pump settings right. It’s called “Pumping Insulin”. I would recommend it highly!
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