Pump Sites

I'm just wondering...did everyone continue to use their stomach as a pump site throughout their pregnancies? Whenever I try to use my backside or my thigh, I get high readings. For now, I'm using my stomach...I'm 15 weeks along so it's fine. I'm just wondering about whether or not it will be okay later when my stomach gets big and tight. :o)

Hi Kim - I use the omnipod and have never used my stomach. I used my arms and flank area during the pregnancy as my upper butt stopped working (no absorption).

I was using my stomach for my cgm, but had to switch to my inner thigh at about 20 weeks or so when I could not bear to insert it in my belly any longer (no inch to pinch!).

I used my abdomen until the skin was too stretched, then I used my "love handles" (which conveniently got bigger when I was pregnant!) and my upper butt/hip areas. I tried my thigh once and shot up to 350, so never tried that again. Some people use their upper arms, too.

I used my stomach the whole time, as I got awful numbers and crazy bent cannulas everywhere else. Towards the end it got really really tough as I stayed fairly slim (except for my huge belly). I ended up using the strip of flesh at the very top of my belly that lies over my ribs now that I’m not pregnant anymore… when you’re hugely pregnant that part is pulled away from your ribs. I started extending each site to 5-6 days (but refilling insulin every day due to massive insulin needs towards the end) and I switched to manually inserting infusion sets that go in at an angle (e.g. Silhouette) to avoid kinks I never developed love handles so couldnt use my sides. It was pretty crazy towards the end, but I managed to get by…!

I agree - that love handle/flank area got bigger and was much easier to use when pregnant! Also, I was able to wear it lower than usual as maternity pants did not rub where my normal-clothes waistband usually goes.

I had one peel right off my stomach, pretty early on. Also I often like to wear bump-hugging shirts... big tenty things just make me look fat, not pregnant! So I've been sticking to my low back and butt. I stay on one side through about 6-8 site changes (rotating the spot, just sticking to left or right side) and then switch.

I don't like using the side of my thighs because I always get caught on it when pulling my panties down to pee... haven't pulled one out yet, but it's just a matter of time.

p.s. now I get Braxton-Hicks a lot. (Enough to ask my dr about when I see him next week). Like I said, I don't use my stomach any more anyway, but I can't imagine the contractions would help it stay on.

How do you refill insulin without changing the site? You can just take the reservoir out and refill it???? OMG I guess you can. Never occurred to me.

Thanks, everyone! I like the love handle idea. :) I hadn't thought of that. We'll have to wait and see...sounds like it's different for everyone. I'm glad I have plenty of options!

Lol.. I didn't realize either until my third trimester of pregnancy when I was going through insulin like it was water. I don't think you can with all of the pump brands though.. I have a Medtronic paradigm, and with that one you can.

ugh, my sympathies. I had MAJOR Braxton-Hicks from week 28 on and it was actually pretty debilitating! Every 15 minutes throughout the day and whenever I did anything even mildly physical (e.g. stand, walk, pee). I got so sick of people saying "I didn't even notice Braxton-Hicks when I was pregnant"!

Yeah, I have a medtronic paradigm too -- I pictured how to do it while I was typing my earlier response!

For me, I keep my infusion site on the left side of my belly and my sensor on the right side of my belly and when I change them I just move them slightly up or slightly back. I have been taking my bolus through a syringe (always on the left side too so that it doesn't throw off sensor results) the last few weeks (I'm 35 weeks). I haven't found it difficult to put either on my belly...