Pump supplies for Cozmo pump

My CDE said she had some supplies to start me up on the Cozmo again. Just to see if pumping is problem or OmniPod is problem. What she has is the cartridges, but no tubing or wipes or tape. Where can I purchase just a few? Don’t want to spend alot if pumping is cause of infections. Thanks for your help. I really want to use pump if possible.

I know diabetesstore.com has cozmo supplies reasonably priced. www.orbit90.com will send you 4 sample infusion sets with a presciption for free. they are a great site I really enjoyed them. I believe orbit makes a metal site as well you may try it. alot of people have sensitivy to teflon sites. correct me if Im wrong but doesnt cozmo use a standard luer lock? if so you can use any set other than the ones for minimed pumps.

I use Homelink. I have found them very nice.

I think that it is only possible to buy them in sets of 25. They are also available here, but for 95 dollars :frowning: I found this website where it is 82 dollars, but that seems to be the cheapest. They used to be available on ebay, but I think they removed them because it is illegal to sell these without a prescription.

You may ask your CDE if she can recommend other places to ask for a few. I imagine they are available now that many people have discontinued using the Cozmo pump. Unfortunately the exchange of prescription items is forbidden on TuDiabetes for legal reasons. Even these cartridges count as prescription items.