Tandem pump users

When delivering a bolus, if the tubing fets caught on something and yanks/pulls real quick, will that damage/affect tubing or delivery?

I don’t have direct Tandem experience so my comments relate more to pump durability in general. I suppose anything is possible when it comes to the everyday abuse our pumps must endure. I’ve found, for the most part, the the infusion sets are pretty tough.

Unless the cannula is dislodged, I’ve seldom observed delivery disruptions, even with some pretty significant yanks on the infusion set. It’s good practice to carefully inspect your pump, infusion set, and site to see if anything is amiss. Using a flashlight can help you see better and using your nose to sniff for the smell of insulin can be clue that something is wrong.

If I ever have reason to doubt the integrity of the insulin delivery, I will often err on the side of a pre-emptive site/set swap-out. Watching your blood glucose levels a little more closely following stressing the set/site will also help you stay on top of things.

Overall, I’ve been impressed with how much abuse an insulin pump and the related infusion set/site can take and still perform well.


Would agree with Terry here, if you are not seeing blood sugars heading up, you are probably ok. I find with a longer tube length (I love the 43 inch tube length which they of course have stopped making🙁) gives me time to stop before I pull it out. And another great thing with metal, if you do pull it out, you can put it back in, which you can’t do with The Teflon ones.

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Unless I rip the entire thing out, I haven’t had any problems with mine. And I have caught door knobs, had the pump free fall with a sharp YANK on the tubing, etc.

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I haven’t lost one yet due to just tugging the tubing. They’re pretty sturdy. My biggest problem is with scraping them off in the doorway, because I have a habit of squeezing out the partially-opened patio door, rather than wrestling the heavy thing open enough to clear infusion sets. So long as it’s still attached and blood sugars aren’t going crazy, you’re fine

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