Twisted Wire on Insulin Pump

I've been diabetic for 35 years but was just put on a Medtronic insulin pump 3 weeks ago. I am loving it when it works. I'm a dominant right hand and have had a ton of problems with the right side of my body. 4 of last 5 infusions resulted in a bent cannula and the last 2 times it works the wire keeps getting twisted. Right now I'm ok, but the last time it got twisted up it was a prelude to a delivery failure. I'm sure it's a rookie mistake, but can anyone tell me what I'm doing wrong.


What infusion sets are you using? With or without a inserter? What areas are you using to insert, and do you have good results inserting on the left side of your body? In the past, Medtronic was good to work with requesting trials of the various infusion sets as the sets are all different. I began with the quick-set, tried the mio when it was released and had tons of trouble with the mio, so I have stayed with the quick-set even now using the animus ping as my pump.

Thank you for the response Korrie. I have been using, I guess, the side torso area for infusions and have had no problems with my left side. I'm not sure what you mean by an inserter. It is a device where I pull back and ■■■■ it and then press it against the body and launch it. Medtronic has been good. When I called today they sent me replacements and another set of different devices to try. I will ask about a quick set. I think I must just be doing something wrong in the insertion process. Thanks for the help. Hope that all is going well with you. Matt

I never could use the Mio and hated it. On the twisting tubing, once you click the reservoir in the pump, hold the pump up, letting the tubing hang down, and lightly "milk" the tubing with two fingers to straighten it out. If you don't help it unwind, it can keep its twist once inserted.
I am not sure this is what you mean but it is what I do with every new tubing. (it is not a wire)

I find keeping the tubing under my clothes except where it comes out to the pump, helps a lot. also a few times a day I hold the pump by the tube and allow it to unwind any twisting that has occurred. I have a MM pump now but when I had an Animas pump the twisting tubing would actually cause the tubing to disconnect from the cartridge.

Do you unwind the tubing before connecting it? I pull the tie-tape off the tubing and straighten the tubing out before I even connect it to the reservoir. then I insert the reservoir into the pump, and then do the insertion site. Once the site is inserted, I just stick the pump in my pocket and tuck the extra tubing into my undies (but I don't bunch the tubing up, just tuck it straight down, so it's usually partly hanging below my undies against my thigh.) It rarely gets tangled that way but, if it does, I hold the tubing near the site and let the pump tangle until it untwists itself (like Timothy does).

The other thing that can cause no0-delivery alarms is a bent canula, so you may want to be sure your insertion technique is correct or, as others have said, try a different type of insertion set. Are you using the 9mm or 6mm canula? Thinner people usually need the 6, as the 9 will go into muscle and get blocked.


Did you get the training through medtronic? If you are still having problems the trainer should be able to meet with you again. And I agree, the quickset infusion sets are the best ones.
Best of Luck!

I had the same problems when I started on the medtronic pump using the quick sets. Then I tried the siloettes . Do yourself a favor and switch to the sure t sets. I wear mine for 3 days, not two, and have not had a "no delivery", nor any site problems in 5 years.