Pumped to pump!

Recently I re-started the process to get an insulin pump. It had been originally denied by my insurance because they won’t pay for a pump until the person is on insulin therapy for at least 6 months. My endocrinologist who I see recommended that I get the Medtronic Minimed Revel with the CGM as well since I am always active and rarely at home. We ordered it and it’s being shipped to my doctor back in Harrisburg.

Next step is to find an endo/orientation program out here in Pittsburgh which shouldn’t be hard since UPMC is everywhere. I’m really excited! So far dealing with this customer service has been very pleasant, so fingers crossed that I never have any negative run-ins with them. I’m so excited to start pumping! :smiley: Does anyone else use this pump?

Here’s someone who recently started pumping with the Revel system


I started on the Medtronic MInimed Revel with the CGM in February. I definitely like the pump better than shots and the my Minimed Paradigm 523 is working nicely in that respect. My biggest complaint with the CGM aspect of the pump is that you can’t adjust the alert/alarm volume, which in my opinion is set far too low. Medtronic’s solution is to tell you to try using the vibration alert. However, that is easy to miss if the pump is not directly against your skin. Googling this issue will turn up a bit more. You can also read my full blog post about it here. Having said that, I’m not sure there is a far better option out there with regard to alarm volume. Someone said that the Dexcom is a bit louder, but I haven’t heard it. Also keep in mind that Medtronic offers a 30 day return policy, in case your not satisfied. To help solve the volume problem at night, I have the 43 inch infusion set tubing, which allows me to clip the pump onto the side of my pillow, so I can hear it better. See what you think. As I stated, I am very pleased with the insulin pump aspect of the device and other than the volume issue, my experience has been positive.