Keeping insulin pump safe and out the way at work

I am working my way to get on the pump,still need to fine tune my carb counting to my Dr liking. But my question is I am a electrician and work with a tool belt on all day, was wondering is there something I could use to keep the pump when I get it safe and out of the way. I cant keep it in my pocket cause it will take a beating when Im working. Thanks Darryl

Hey! congrats on starting soon. They have sorts of leather cases to protect the pump. Type in insulin pump cases and check out all the different stlyles and colors. Or check out the brand pumps that you buy might carry them. Best Wishes on pumping.

I don’t know if this type of case would be good enough, but check it out:
My pump holder

You can also put it in a sports mp3 holder around your calf or ankle. There is a product out there called the “Leg thing” that serves the same purpose.

I guess you can’t do what I do - I wear it in my bra LOL. Medtronic also has a waist band that has a little pouch on it - that might work??

Here is an expensive hard case from Minimed. Perhaps you could find something similar that would be cheaper, if you think it would work?

Thank you all for the replys they were very helpful some great ideas Thanks again