Any comment, Pros and Cons would be appreciated.
I’m getting pump soon. Which pumps are the best?
Thanks, Matt

Hi, Matt.

The admin team is working on a page that would explain all the pros and cons of the different pumps because we have so many discussions on this topic - and so many very happy pump users who swear theirs is the best. :slight_smile:

I urge you to go into the forums and do a search for “which pump” or “getting a pump.” You will see many, many discussions on the topic. There was one started just six days ago that got a lot of traffic - click here.


Just to add on to what Melissa said…I would like to suggest maybe joining the groups pumps you may be interested in. If you click on groups it will take you to all the groups that have been created by members of TuD. Hope this helps.


I used to have the pump by animas it was great they have a great customer service department also. I switched to mini med medtronic because presently they are the only one that have the real time sensor that is also attached to your bosy it tell you what your blood sugar is 24 hours a day. Alot of insurance companies cover this also.

Thanks everybody, very nice to part of such a great site for info.