Which Pump To Choose

My pump is up for renewal next summer. I just found this out this evening as I was going through some paperwork. I am contemplating all pumps with the exclusion of the accu-chek spirit, and deltec cozmo. I tried both on a saline trial and disliked the spirit because it didn’t have a menu driven operation and there were too few features, I disliked the cozmo because of shape and size issues. It is between my current and lifelong company MiniMed, Animas, OmniPod or Other. Anyone have any insight and ideas? Let me know. Also what colour. Anything but black!


Hello! There is a discusion in the Community called “Where are the Pumpers?” it was posted by Manny. I think there are well over 16 pages of information about pumps. I think that may help you out a little bit. Another suggestin would be to join the groups of the pumps your interested in,ask the group about the pump and go from there.
The ultimate choice lies with you. Pumps are expensive and make sure you look at the pros and cons of each pump.

Good luck and let us know what you decide on.