Purcaching infusion set online and Rx request

i have a problem to purcashe infusion set online…is there a nescesary for Rx in all shopping store…i have no insurance now and can’t communicate now with the company which i bought the pump from.
what should i do…my pump stop working because i can’t purcashe infusion set without Rx

The general rules for on-line shopping have been established by the US. Things will differ, but what is allowed in the US often establishes how companies will operate internationally on-line. I think the reasoning I've seen is if you want to operate in the US you have to cut off people in the US from transshipping (shipping through an intermediate point) prescription controlled items into the US. This means that even if you are in a country where most medications are available without prescription, most international on-line companies will still require a prescription. I'm not sure about shopping on-line for infusion sets, I think I would first contact the companies (like Medtronic middle east) and have them help you navigate things.

Hi Dina:

I would investigate a couple of options. Different countries have different rules regarding what requires a prescription and what doesn't. I would search online options in Canada, Europe, South Africa, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand if I were you. If all these countries require an Rx, see which ones would accept one from your local doctor. Should that not work, check eBay in the same regions. Lastly, there is a section of this site where people donate their unwanted/unneeded supplies and you might find it there.

Good luck!


Unfortunately TuDiabetes doesn't allow the donation or exchange of prescription controlled supplies like insulin pumps, CGMs or their supplies.

Thanks for clarifying, Brian. My mistake. Apologies.

I must have an RX to get my supplies for my pump, too. You ask "what should i do", dina. And the only answer I can come up with is get the prescription for the supplies you need.

Unfortunately, Dina, until you are able to get a prescription for your infusion sets, it sounds like you might have to go back to shots. I assume you have already done that. I hope you are able to get a prescription and get your infusion sets soon. It's hard to return to shots when you are used to a pump.

Thanks for help…I will try e bay at England…I hope it may go well…

Yes Zoe…it’s really too hard to return to shots after using pump… it’s more worse than before using pump…

Thanks Christopher…I will try these valuable options…