I like my new template. Very cool.

Can someone please give me a kick in the ■■■? I haven’t logged Olivia’s numbers in over a week. I hate it when I slack off like this - it makes me feel so guilty.

Now that I’ve posted that on The Internets, I’m going to get her meter and pump and log.

I’m really liking the header on this template. I think I need a change on my other blog - I may have to find something deco like this.

Um, Julia - you should log O’s numbers. Today. :slight_smile:

Have you tried Sugarstats?

Nope, what’s that? I use the log book that Kevin made. It’s very cool and I can just email it to Joslin when it’s appointment time.

Sugarstats.com - it’s online. You can email reports from it - you can also grant O’s docs and others access… Check it out. I’ve liked it so far. The internet accessibility makes it hard for me to excuse myself from logging. :slight_smile: There are some things about it that I think they’re working on improving - but in general, it’s really great.

Cool. Thanks, Nicole.