Log Books

Bleh, okay two year olds are evil… they seem to go after things you need. I use a precision xtra meter and it cannot download to the docs computer so they asked me to use the lilly log book. but my lovely daughter has destroyed her log book with permanent markers i was using for hubster bday and her bday posters. Where can I buy a goo log book to back all the info up for her?

I have an extra one of those little lilly log books - let me look around - but I also use a google document that I started - I will s end you the link. There are several pages - but the February horizontal is the most current.

There is also a place at Sugar-stats.com and dia-log.com both of which are online logs. I go thru phases of logging - I usually only do the 2-3 weeks prior to the visit then I print them out . . .But I am really bad about all that . . . :wink:


Oops forgot to give the link.

We are totally bad too. I cant afford to print a book, but I was thinking of switching our meter to oe touch and buy the software and print it out. But if there is a easier way by all mean I am totally for it.

oooooo i li dia-log.com, my husband is so happy we can plug it in and it does our averaging and tracking! were going to use a not book to track her sugars then punch it in and the comments we have for it! oh thank you thank you thank you!

If you’re looking for a new logbook, check out the SugarDash Pocket Log. It’s free, really nice to use and easy to see trends. I’m totally biased because I made it, but I think it’s been great tool for our family over the last year. I wrote up a blog post about its design and inspiration.

If your doc has internet access try SugarStats.com and then he can view your logs. Or you can print them out before you go. I’m biased too, as I am one of the founders, but i am also a father of a type 1 and being able to view the logs anytime anywhere I could get computer access has been great. There are also many other online logs that are good, so check them out and find the best one for you.