I have a good friend who happens to sell Plexus. She keeps trying to push it on me, raving about how it will help my health so much and help to manage my diabetes so much better. I have researched the product and so far have found no real studies to prove it does anything other or better than a good diet and exercise will do. All the positive reviews seem to be from people who are trying to sell it.

I know this topic has been raised before, I even commented on it, but now I am more curious. I don't usually try these things because they are usually just a waste of money..but my friend is so adamant and wanting to help...I don't want to be tough and harsh with her about stopping with the sales pitch without first knowing it really wont do anything for me.

Has anyone used it? What do you think?

Plexus is a multi-level marketing company. They sell a bunch of stuff but even if the stuff works it will be expensive since 80-90% of what you pay goes to marketing. Similar products to the Slim are sold down at the GNC but without all the markup. In either case I think there better ways to lose weight than synthetic drinks and supplements.

Just Say NO!! LOL, unless you have money to burn :)