What do other diabetics out there know about Isagenix? Have you tried it? Just curious...it appears to be a diabetic friendly cleanse/shake program

I just started looking into it also. I see claims of people saying how much better they feel after starting the program, but you never have any info on what they were doing with their health & diet before they started.

A friend of mine put me in touch with a rep and that rep mentioned how it is a "godsend" for diabetics . . . some data would have been a little more interesting, but I'm still investigating.

The shake products have too much carb. My cousin sells this and was eager for me to buy into it so she gave me lots of samples. You can go to the Isagenix site and see what goes into the products and what the carb counts are. Unfortunately, I couldn't use it. I did try one of their products that's higher protein and lower carb, but it's mostly just a protein supplement that I can buy elsewhere at a more reasonable price. Beware, they will try to sign you up to have products shipped to you automatically each month. It's really easy to start that and very, very difficult to get it stopped. Oh, and when I told my cousin I couldn't use the product she arranged for me to talk to someone higher up the ladder in the organization to "explain" to me that I was wrong. I found that she really had no knowledge of diabetes whatsoever, the company seems to just tell their reps what a "godsend" it is without proof. I do know two ladies who have gone through the shake and cleanse program and lost weight, but neither of them are diabetic and it was a temporary weight loss. Hope that helps.