Anyone have any insight as to if/when Medicare might cover Libre 3?

Dexcom has went from being the absolute best to the absolute worst, I really want to switch to the Libre 3 but Medicare currently does not cover it. Does anyone have any insight as to when and if this might happen?

I think the issue is that it requires phone app, and there is no stand-alone reader (yet?). Medicare would not cover cost of phone.

So either they are likely working on reader, or trying to get Medicare to change rules.

Same applies to Dexcom. You get receiver, even if you only use supported phone.

For the Dexcom to be covered under Medicare part B DME there must be a receiver which was I had to pay for out of pocket at $499 USD.

If the Libre 3 not having any durable medical equipment, then it might be covered under the drug benefit Medicare Part D.

I asked this exact question of my Endo on Thursday. She said not yet. I told her I thought it must be because Libre3 has no receiver. She indicated that was not the issue but rather just Medicare taking its own sweet time to act.

I take that with a grain of salt. I have noticed in the past that she is not the most up to date when talking about new D tech.


I thought I saw a commercial on TV last night that said that Libra was now covered under Medicare. Call the company that makes the Libra (Abbott?) and ask them directly.

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Abbott Labs is the manufacturer. Your correct SherryAnn.

What’s giving you trouble, Badddog40? It was giving me trouble for a while.