Question about test strip handling

This might be one of my dumber questions, but here goes...

Whenever I take a test strip from it's tube, I try to handle it from the center. Sometimes I'm unable to and curious if anybody knows if it matters if the oils from your skin could affect a BG if touched from the end of the strip that the drop of blood is placed or from the end thats inserted into the meter.

Thanks for any feedback :-)

Yes it is possible… A build-up of both your natural oils, and oils from lotion, perfume, etc… This is why it’s so important to wash your hands before you test…

Thank u VERY much for replying… this has been a question i always forget to ask my doctor when I’m there for my every 3 month “thing”… i can finally stop obsessing over this one :slight_smile:

Thanks again !!

Since they have started packing 50 strips in a cannister, sometimes it is hard to get one out without touching the top. I don’t think it affects the reading if you touch it.

As long as your hands are clean & dry, it shouldn’t make a difference.