Silly experiment

…with my BG meter (Accu-Chek Aviva, FWIW).

I was reading a discussion someone had about how to properly test one's BG, AND also have been following the meter accuracy discussions on Tu and elsewhere. On each discussion there is an emphasis on washing your hands in warm water, drying etc before testing. So I decided to try a silly experiment:

1 - Do a standard test (wash hands, etc)
2 - Eat an apple; ensure juice gets on fingers
3 - Do a test WITHOUT washing hands
4 - Do a standard test (wash hands, etc)


1st test - 106
2nd test (w/apple juice on fingers) - 187
3rd test - 108

Fair Winds,

Even lotions can cause this - I got a 200 one day and no where felt near 200 (and no explanation) about 30 mins after I used lotion on my hands. Tested a second time with similar results. I washed my hands and re-tested and it was 108. We do have to be careful and go with what we feel like. I almos bolused for it too.

I usually don’t clean my hands - shameful I know. But if I think I have gotten a test that is off from what I am feeling, I use Purell if in the car, or a similar item, or an alcohol swab.

Have you tested it by substituting this?

Step 4 - Do a test after licking your fingers.
Step 5 - Do a standard test



Fair enough!

Step 4 - 160
Step 5 - 170


Fair Winds,