Question - Diabetes Medical Care "Self Funded"

I recently had an overnight medical stay for a high glucose level. I also don’t have healthcare coverage, so I signed myself out first thing in the morning to stop the $$ meter from running. At this typing, my current balance is hovering somewhere close to $8,000!! I not only don’t have coverage, I don’t have income! Rather than working on a rating system or income sliding scale, the hospital turned my “receivables” over to a company called MedAssist.

The MedAssist paperwork gave me an odd feeling, so I started looking into the company. In looking up the company, it seems they act somewhat helpful(?) on the front end, “helping” the patient look for alternate coverage routes, run credit applications for financing options, etc., but ultimately act as debt collector on behalf of the hospital. It is very clear their ultimate, vested interest is the medical organization, not the patient, even though their initial materials read otherwise.

Further, in reading their documentation, it seems you have to sign over all of your HIPPA privacy rights.

Does anyone know anything about this organization? Something in my gut gives me a weird vibe and I’m hesitant to complete their paperwork. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

I know some hospitals sub-contract out their billing to other companies. maybe that’s what this firm is?

Sorry to hear about this Desiree. That bill is really ridiculous.

I don’t know anything about MedAssist, but I hope that other will be able to help you more (if you don’t get many replies here, try starting a discussion). It’s wise of you to research this before signing anything!

it seems every stupid hospital is connected to a third party billing agent that only cares for the money. THEY have to have a sliding scale! 8,000 is ridiculous! My 20,000 bill was covered by the hospital when i was diagnosed, i wonder why you can’t have help.

It’s the over priced Cleveland Clinic. They basically own everything in Cleveland - heck - Northeast Ohio. They are a very well oiled profit machine and have recently been critisized for this behavior since the charity care then overwhelms the county and religious outfits who do sliding scales. The local government threatened their 501c3 status recently, but even though they increased their level of charity care, it hasn’t made much of a dent. Last time I tried I didn’t make the cut… they were already at their threshold and no approving anyone new.

The whole new experience, not having healthcare or an incomes makes me feel like I’m going to be one of those people who won’t be able to have a job in the future for the oncoming garnishing of wages! Yikes!