Medtronic sent me a bill

so i did the animas to medtronic thing. everything went smoothly, etc. well i ended up getting a bill for over 3,000. why am i getting a bill? i shouldnt be getting a bill at all. did it not go to the insurance company or something, etc? now i am getting upset over it. ill have to call medtronic tomorrow but i want to see did anyone else get a bill from medtronic from switching over from animas?

I’m sorry. I can see how this would be stressful. In all likelihood this will get sorted out. Try to keep your mind off it until you can talk to someone who can help.

Time to talk to management. I had to go all the way up to the Medtronic President’s office (because the billing department manager was useless) to resolve a bogus bill. I’ll never forget how they tried to cheat me. Grrr!!

Need to talk to your insurance company. They may not have all the information they need from your doctor to pay the bill.

ill talk to medtronic first and see what happened. then the insurance company. something has got to be fixed. i cant afford to pay this bill.

I’m sorry you are having to go through that. On a positive note, I got pretty much the same thing from Dexcom. The operator at Dexcom said it was just an invoice noting that the insurance company hadn’t paid yet (it didn’t make much sense to me as it looked very much like a bill to me) and to disregard it. Eventually the situation handled itself and my insurance paid the bill. In any event, don’t let a bill get you down at all. Life has enough to worry about, don’t lose any sleep over medical billing.

ill try not to lose any sleep…it came with an envelope to send the bottom part back with a check of some sort to pay for it. i will tell them that i cant pay any of it so tough luck on their part. they can bring it to collections if they want to but i hope to get it resolved tho

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Did you get the 630? The one where all you had to do was trade your Ping or Vibe in???

DO NOT USE YOUR FINANCIAL SITUATION as an argument with Medtronic! What you need to do is discuss the error, if any, of the billing. They aren’t going to care about your inability to pay. All that you should discuss with them are MISTAKES in billing. Trust me, I know how to handle these things. Telling them you can’t pay is akin to a threat, irrelevant, and isn’t the proper way to deal with this issue.

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yup…now that i have the G5 of dexcom i can send in the vibe. took a while to get everything apparently.

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I had similar difficulty with Animas. After 3 years it started billing me directly for supplies. HMO had to get involved. I was glad Johnson & Johnson dropped out of market—really poor customer service.

i have medicare and medicaid (in my state its called masshealth). plus it was the free exchange for animas users. i will be calling tomorrow as i have so much to do today that i have no time to sit down and call

Hi Amy, how are you managing with the medtronic pump? I made the switch in January of this year. I like the ease of the belt clip. I had a hard time switching over to the contour next link 2.4 glucometer. I really loved my freestyle lite glucometer. I guess I am ok with it now.I didn’t get any bill for my medtronic pump. I will have the 630 for the remainder of my warranty which is in Feb. 2020.

@Dee_Meloche so far i am handling well with it. i still make a mistake or two but im liking it. gotten use to all of the buttons that you have to do. i do like that if i take the reservoir out you dont need to rewind. that is my favorite thing. the infusion set i am trying to get use to. i cant remember which one it is but its the one you use a plunger or whatever it is. with animas ive gotten use to manually putting in the infusion set. so im trying to get use to this.

my warrenty expires next year. with the bill i still need to send back the animas pump. i had to wait until i got my dexcom. now i can send it back. once they received it they will take the bill away.

I use the tandem autosoft 90s. They are made by unomedical. The tubing connection is the same. Only the connection to the cartridge is different. So when I do a site change I change the tubing every other site change. I buy 1 box of mios from medtron and 1 autosoft 90’s. The mios are 215.00 and the autosoft 90s are 195.00. This saves me money.