Question for Medicare Dexcom users


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Has anyone else had trouble getting the email from Dexcom for their monthly Medicare order.

After months of calling and badgering Dexcom, my first order was sent out on October 18th. I expected to get an email around November 10th. When it didn’t come, I called Dexcom and was told that I would be getting an email on November 18th. I asked the CSR why the email couldn’t be sent out earlier and was the told that Dexcom had to follow CMS guidelines and couldn’t send out the email earlier. The CSR told me that if I responded on the 18th, my order should be shipped out on the 20th (32 days after the original order).

I asked if I could have an order shipped to a hotel where I would be vacationing and was told that the order can only be shipped to my house (again stating CMS guidelines). What do people who spend a couple of months in Florida do?

10/18 Update - I got the email this morning, but I had to call Dexcom and talk to CSR for about 30 minutes until everything was straightened out. I was also informed that Dexcom rexamined their Medicare shipping policies and now will ship their equipment anywhere in the U.S. I just need to remember to let them know that I’ll be home next month.


This month Dexcom was really on the ball. We got our email on the correct day, responded to it immediately, and on day 61 from our first delivery, they shipped out our 3rd month’s supplies. The second month, they ran behind because they fumbled both our orders for some stupid technical issue with our names–they CLAIM that the orders were held up because neither of us had our middle initials listed in our documentation and Medicare wouldn’t process the order til fixed. I hope from now on it goes as smoothly as it did this month.


At least they don’t make us sign for the delivery. I hate that my Lyrica has to be signed for, and so does my MM supplies. I have the MM supplies go to a very close-by Fedex store, but Pfizer refuses to send my Lyrica to that store. aargh! I hate waiting all day to sign for a package.


Dexcom tech told me they can ship anywhere in US, and to hotels, for those who are traveling. That subject came up during a tech call about my bad sensor, this morning. (and “yes”, I see u edited your post, Dave15).


Have you tried rerouting the package once Pfizer has shipped it and you have the tracking number. That is usually easy to do with FedEx and that is how I handle things like a new pump that has to be signed for. There is also a program with UPS called UPS Choice which you have to join ahead of time and you can reroute packages. With UPS it is usually a $5 charge. FedEx is free and you don’t have to join a special program. There might be the possibility that Pfizer has made it so that packages can’t be routed to the store but it is worth a try.

This is a blogpost I wrote 4 years ago but as far as I know, the information is still correct.


I was told that only the shipper can re-route a package. Not sure if it was a pkg that had to be signed for or not, but I know that I had to call Medtronic to ask them to tell the shipper where to re-route.


Hello, I am new to all this so please excuse me if I make a mistake. I am a type 1 diabetic, and on Medicare. I was told by my Dr. that I needed to go on the Dexcom monitoring system. However, its taken forever to get things in order between the dr. and Dexcom. Now, I am told by Dexcom that they can only ship to my registered physical home address (Medicare rule) which is one state while I am in Florida for the next 6 months. Dexcom said Medicare will not ship or nor will it forward to another address. Additionally, they will not ship to a PO Box which is my billing address and where I receive my mail, etc. Supposedly, they will ship it by Fed X or UPS to my home, (where I am not at this time). My home is rural and our FED X and UPS don’t deliver to our homes but drop off those orders/packages at the local Post Office which Dexcom says it will not deliver to. Quite confusing to say the least and, believe me, this has been an ongoing dilemma. Anyway, I have spoken to three different Dexcom reps and each one has said the same; they can not forward my Dexcom monitor or supplies which is exactly opposite of what you have written. I am so frustrated with this that I truly don’t know if I want to go to all the trouble of even starting this monitor with all the other problems that seem to be attached to it with the ordering and re-ordering process. I travel a great deal and buy all my supplies from various pharmacies because mail order supplies from the online drug insurance companies are a pain where I live and Im never there to receive them. So much easier to go to drug store. This Dexcom monitor seems to be too much problem(stress) and will be controlling my life rather than me controlling my diabetes. Got an advise?


The tech dept can apparently ship to hotels, etc, unlike your “regular” monthly orders.

When I said “only the shipper can re-route a package” I was referring to someone discussing asking a shipper (as the recepient) to reroute (I’m talking about during transit, or at least right after the shipping info has been received by the carrier). I’ve never been able to do that. If I’m too low to figure out how many carbs I’ve eaten, I assess that once I have gotten my wits about me, count the carbs, and SOMETIMES take a bolus for 1/2 the excess carbs that I’ve just eaten. that’s to prevent a rebound high. works pretty well.