Update on Dex G6 and Medicare - One step forward

I just wanted to share a brief update on my experience with Dexcom and the G6 on Medicare.

To briefly recap, when I first went on Medicare in April 2019, I had just started on the G6 in March under private insurance. The initial steps to getting the next order of sensors and a new transmitter was painful in the extreme. I received a 30-day resupply of sensors and a new transmitter in September (yes, that would be many months after I should have received them).

Fast forward to each month after I rec’d my initial restock and Dexcom has been flawless.

I get an email from them every month with a set of questions, like “Am I still using the Dex?” and a Medicare-specific question asking if I’m in a nursing home, or other facility. Once I answer those, I get a confirmation and my re-order for the next month is complete.

Yesterday, I had a wrinkle. I received a phone call from Dexcom informing me that they have contacted my endo for current notes, and my order will be delayed until they get them.

Today, I received my monthly email from Dexcom, answered all the questions and then got this notice:

I’m relieved to have received a call from Dexcom prior to seeing this message. My anxiety would have been much higher otherwise.

If I don’t hear something positive from Dexcom in the next few days regarding shipping, I’ll contact my endo’s office to see what the hold-up is, but they are normally pretty “on it”.

That’s interesting that you’re on Medicare and getting your supplies from Dexcom directly. Do you have traditional Medicare or an Advantage plan!

Yeah, those 6-month note updates can screw things up. With Edwards Healthcare and my Libres, the communications with my Endo were always messed up and they wouldn’t tell me until I inquired. That’s the main reason I’m trying a different vendor for my G6

I’m on traditional Medicare.

Dexcom indicated that this 30-day supply routine directly from them will end at some point, and they will ask me to move back to getting supplies from a third party like Byram or Edgepark.

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That is because it is the beginning of the year.

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That happens every year this time of year for us Dexcom direct patients on Medicare. Normally takes 24-48 hours maximum for Dexcom to verify your insurance with Medicare. You should be getting an email from Dexcom within 48 hours that your order was shipped.

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