Question for pumpers

I am thinking about getting this case for my MM 722 and wanted advice from others on whether or not you think it will be worth it or if anyone has tried it.

I am also going to see if I can figure out someway that I can keep it connected to me either through some how rigging a belt clip or maybe making like a waist band for it. I am probably going to spend most of my summer at a local water part and I really don’t want to have to have my pump disconnected all day.

They were supposed to start offering a case last year I heard but they never came out with it. They do have one case that is waterproof but it will not fit my pump. It is for the 500 series I believe and I have a 722.

The trouble with these is that they are only waterproof when they are sealed. Because the tubing has to run from your pump to the infusion set, I don’t think that you could go into water even with these cases. Water would likely leak in around the tubing.

If the purpose is just to protect it from water splashing on it, then it would be OK, but I bet you could find a cheaper option.

What I do when I will be swimming is just disconnect for the time that I am in the water and give 50% of the missed basal before i disconnect and 50% after. I don’t know how possible that is if you are going in and out of water frequently…

Just saw that this one case is meant for use with wired through devices, but they have a warning about insulin pumps.

Also, here is a site that says that these are “watertight” not “waterproof”.

Below is a quote from the webpage:
Special Note: Regarding the use of AQUAPAC® cases with Insulin Pumps

Aquapac have commissioned research by Imperial College London into the use of the 150 wire-thru case after receiving a large number of customer enquiries regarding their suitability for use with insulin pumps. Results show that, in some circumstances, insulin flow rate can be reduced by the case. In particular, low flow rates are impeded, and as such Aquapac can make no claim regarding the suitability of these cases with insulin pumps. Use of these cases for insulin pumps is entirely at the discretion of the user. Aquapac has been advised to recommend that users of Aquapac cases with insulin pumps regularly check their blood sugar levels.

The tests were conducted by Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine using a Roche Accu-Check Spirit insulin pump at a temperature of 20C at flow rates of 2U/hr and 10U/hr.
The amounts of insulin delivered over 60 minutes observed were as follows:

2U/hr not in a case - 0.0131g (flow rate of 100%)
2U/hr in Aquapac 150 - 0.0106g (flow rate of 81%)
2U/hr in Aquapac 150 - 0.0056g (2nd test model) (flow rate of 42%)

10U/hr not in a case - 0.0864g (flow rate of 100%)
10U/hr in Aquapac 150 - 0.0878g (flow rate of 100%)

21st August 2006

I have a 722 and was told it is splash proof/water resistant. I have never had a problem with it but I would not wear it in the water while swimming. I also remove it and take a small bolus rate (about 1/2 the basal rate of the time spent in the water). My biggest concern is the site coming off which is why I use a glue called skin-tack everytime I apply a site.
I went snorkeling in Mexico last week and was in the water about 45 minutes to 1 hour with no problem.

The other issue is how deep you dive. Pressure underwater (depending on depth) 33ft is 1 atmosphere of pressure --can compress the vial and unknowingly bolus you. 12 feet of depth still applies pressure to your body and pump.
It’s not a good trade for me, I just always take mine off and come back to it every once in a while to bolus if needed over time.