Queston for the ladies - wearing your pump in your bra

I have been wearing a pump for about 14 years. I did try the Omnipod for a year and a and a half and it was a disaster to say the least. So I am back in my Medtronic and back in control. BUT a always … ALWAYS wear my pump clipped in the middle of my bra and hate it! It’s like I have a square 3rd breast which is not the look I am going for. I would almost rather try to slip it into my bra but I am a little nervous about that. Has anyone have in concerns about what the effects of these devices actually has on Breast tissue. Considering they are linking breast cancer to woman slipping cellphones there.
Would love anyone thoughts OR wear to put the pump. I am a yoga teacher and to be honest there is nowhere to put it where it is not in the way.
Thank so much - Om shanti

I am not aware of any solid scientific studies (controlled, double-blind, large enough N) that support a causal connection between placing ones cellphone or insulin pump next to ones boobs and the development of breast cancer. Until I do, I will file this [mis]information under the category “Urban Myth.”

Sorry the Omnipod didn’t work out for you. Seems like with Omnipod, you either lurve it or hate it. Fortunately for us, it rocks my ability to keep my daughter’s Type 1 tightly controlled and gives her no problems.

I have a medtronic pump too and the only place to wear a pump with a dress is in my bra. The thing I found though, is if you wear it with the clip in between your bra it is pretty bad.
I tried the skin colored pouch they sell. I think it comes in cream or white. While it does clip onto the bra it hangs a little under your bra and is closer to your skin than just wearing the clip with the pump. Also, you can wear it horizontally and vertically.
I tried to get a picture from medtronic’s website but their store is offline right now.
Go to and then store. I will try to post a pic of it once its up and running again.
I would suggest this.
As far as breast cancer and wearing the pump in ones bra, I’m sensitive to these kinds of issues since my mother died of breast cancer but I haven’t heard anything other than speculation and “worries” from other people, which aren’t scientific. Not sure if the pump radiates enough energy to make us ill. Its not radioactive so at this point I’d rather wear something a little more electronic than not since it keeps me alive and makes my life 100% easier with diabetes. One of the most frustrating issues I"ve had to deal with since being diagnosed is how to wear my pump and conceal it with certain outfits. What a pain!
I’m pregnant right now and do not even get me started on pregnancy pants and my pump. I hate pregnancy pants to begin with, but with my pump it brings my irritation level to new heights. Sometimes my pump is too heavy and pulls on my pants. Grrrr! :angry:
Anyway, if you try the undergarment pouch that medtronic offers, let me know what you think.


OMG I couldn’t imagine a pregnant belly and this circus. I am 37 and know I need to face that fear if I want a family. Wondering if the T-slim would at least fit better in the bra better. Today I had it clipped to the bra strap and a scarf draped over and you couldn’t see it. I usually always wear a scarf as an accessory. Might be something to try…

Here is the link to the bra pouch:

Circus is the best word to use to describe that :grinning:

Not sure about the T-Slim, i’m not familiar with it. I’ve heard of it. I would wear the scarf. A scarf covers up the strange bump that the pump creates in the bra.


I never wear mine in my bra. It is too bulky, and quite frankly, my pump is bigger than my tiny ta-tas. Have you tried a runner’s belt? I wear one on occasion. It fits my pump (T:Slim) and also has a spot I can put my Dex reciever if I’m in a situation where I don’t have my purse.'s+belt

This isn’t the exact one I have, but it’s very similar. If I keep the pump off to one side of the front of my abdomen it’s not very noticeable. Also, since you’re a yoga teacher, have you looked into yoga shorts/capris with built in zipper pockets?

I have been wearing my pump in my bra since 1990, no troubles whatsoever. I don’t wear tight clothing so no one notices my pump but I do sometimes wear athletic tank tops with pockets made to carry electronic stuffs. Great for yoga, pilates, and running :slight_smile:

Im a man and put my pump in my bra…but only on Fridays.