Quick question about my infusion set

I'll make it a quicky. I changed my infusion set and it turns out, the vial of apidra I used was one that I had accidentally left in the car yesterday during the day. I thought I tossed it but I had left it on the counter and ended up using it.

I suspect it's not working cause my sugars have been somewhat high all day. For lunch, I had a small snack that was 9 grams of carbs and I was @ 147 before. I dosed for 13 grams + the correction and 2 hours after the snack, I'm at 187

So my question is, I'm going to change out the insulin but I'd rather not change the infusion set if it can be helped. Could I do the following:

get a new reservoir
fill it up with insulin + a lil extra
unhook my infusion set from me and hook it up to the new reservoir
prime the pump for an additional 10 units (to "flush" out the bad insulin)
and hook myself back up (prime again for .5 units for the tube doo hickey that's in me)?

Or do I have to change the infusion set as well? I'd prefer not to since I just put it in last night but I will if I need to

thanks in advance! :)

Yep, I think you can do that. I don't think you have to prime for the .5 units, though, because if you leave the set in, the canula is already filled, albeit with the old insulin. But, if you're still high, then you can add .5 units to whatever correction you're going to do.


TY for the response. Im going to go ahead and do it. Just feel like crap since I had an extra unopened bottle of apidra in my kit that I carry around that's going to get tossed as well. Ahh well, that is life :)

You might want to get a Frio for carrying insulin in your car. I've used the Frio coolers in extremely hot conditions (90+ degrees and insulin left in car for over five hours) and the insulin was fine. Frio coolers work by evaporation: you soak the inner cooler, which has some sort of gel in it, until it thickens (don't oversoak or you won't be able to fit the bottle in it!). Then you put the bottle in it, and put the inner cooler into its outer pack, which prevents the evaporation from soaking wherever you put it. Once the cooler is activated, you can re-activate it fairly quickly by just putting it back in water for a couple of minutes. Even the first time you use it, or whenever it dries out, you can activate it in about 5 to 6 minutes. It would prevent future insulin losses.


I very rarely change my infusion set and my reservoir at the same time. I change my infusion set every three to four days and my reservoir whenever it runs out. There’s no sense in wasting very expensive insulin or changing a new site just to time them together. I have been pumping for 11 years and have always done this without a problem. I say go for it!!

I'll definitely look into that Frio. Looks like something I could really use (especially with my 5 hours of commuting every day for work).

shelby: Surprisingly I never thought about doing that. Maybe it's the OCDishness in me but I'm always thinking of keeping things in sync lol In the future I'll do that.