Quick sticks

Has anyone else used quick sticks to raise their blood sugar? Have they stopped making this product? It made it easy when my daughter had a low but now we can't seem to find them anywhere.

Do you mean Pixy Stix? Powdered glucose (2g carb each). I have some - they are still for sale. You have to be careful not to inhale when pouring the powder in your mouth, so I actually prefer glucose tabs (Smarties or SweeTarts).

Yes and spree is another good one. Bottle caps if you can find them.

No although they are sort of similar. Powdered glucose in plastic sleeves with 10carbs each.

Watermelon or sour apple.

I have not used these and would rather use Glucose tabs, Smarties, Sweet Tarts, or Skittles. They are available though, I found them on line at amazon (only 4 left in stock so hurry!), walgreens, and other. I have not ever seen these on the shelf at any of the places I shop. You could ask your pharmacy to order them for you.