Glucose tabs

Have you seen the new candy Mega Smarties. Same ingredient. As glucose tabs and fit in glucose tab plastic tube and 24 for $18.99. Each one is a tube and a half and taste better.

I can't stand any glucose tabs (I used to use them). I fill small bottles with Wild Berry Skittles. Far better! 1 carb per skittle. I always carry enough to get me out of any lows, when I'm away from home.

I think I prefer the Sweetarts which are twist wrapped like Smarties. The main ingredient is still dextrose but I prefer the sour taste to the bland sweetness of Smarties. I also prefer the smaller size of either Smarties or Sweetarts to the larger glucose tabs. Makes it easy to dose pretty much gram by gram if you should happen to want to.

Since it's almost 100% dextrose, it's easy enough to carb count. Just weigh the tabs on a gram kitchen scale and there you have it.