Quick Survey - What's the longest time from filling to priming?

What has been your longest wait time between filling and priming? I filled a pod today without the PDM, got the double beep, and then didn't get access to the PDM and my son for about 20 minutes. It just beeped at me until I got the PDM, and then primed and injected with no issues.

I remember a fairly recent discussion about handling pod expiry. One person in that discussion simply fills a pod on the day of expiry and carries it around it is required. IRC this was the old pods, but I haven't heard of any changes.

A few times I've just fill a pod without priming it, say a couple hours before my old pod runs out. Then when I'm ready, I stop the old pod, then prime the already filled new pod and go. The new unprimed pod doesn't like it much and will beep quite a bit before it gets primed, but this does work in a pinch. I am concerned it probably uses a lot of battery waiting for the prime to signal to start, so I've tried to not wait much longer than 1 or 2 hours. Kinda risky I think. Anyway, YMMV of course.

I'm pretty sure when you activate the pod it will have the expiration from the time the pod was filled rather than the time you actually injected. I know the old pods did that. Just be aware that you may be losing out on pod time doing it this way.

I just checked and that’s how it works on the new pod too. Expiration is from the time of fill, not time of prime or time of injection. I love learning new things like this!

I was going to add the same thing Rebecca had mentioned. The 80 hours starts at time of filling, not necessarily at time of priming/deployment. So it may help with convenience of a particular pod change (although I'm not sure about how a pod that continues to beep at me would be "convenient" ;-) but I don't think it's going to be all that "helpful" in the long run.

I also think a filled, unprimed pod will only last 60 minutes before it gives the screech of death. I haven't done it in a long time, but I believe that was the way the old system worked (having tried a couple of times early on in my usage of this pumping system).

Glad that your experience yesterday worked out without any issues!