Quite interesting

It seems like I’m doing better or at least less bad on days when I’m just at home and can eat a little every now and then instead of having to just eat on breaks. And it’s also easier to keep carbohydrates to a lower level at home than at work. Today I haven’t felt too bad. Just very sleepy in the late morning after breakfast so I slept for a couple of hours. And the usual with going to the loo more often and drinking more than what’s normal for me. But at least I haven’t been to the bathroom 8 times in one afternoon today! Seems like I should continue with the mashed white beans as mainfood because it didn’t affect me much at all.

Oh great. Now we’re having a thunderstorm here! I don’t like thunderstorms :frowning: I’m not afraid really, but I have a lot of respect for the lightning bolts and there are some horror stories from the apartment area where I grew up. There has been people who’ve gotten a lightning bolt out of the wall through the electric thingies!
I don’t know if that has happened here aswell where I live now. But it’s really bad here now! And I’m home alone with just my cat. Feeling a bit uneasy :frowning: And now the sound of the rain makes me need to use the bathroom! But I don’t dare to go in case the power goes out while I’m in there LOL

wow, wish beans didn’t affect me - I love them, especially in chili, but it’s so hard to figure out how many you’re actually eating.
Hope the rain has let up! I used to live in Oklahoma, and we used to get whopper storms, and tornadoes - super scary…