Rain, Rain, PLEASE go away!


Out of the past 25 days, we have had rain for 23 of them! Needless to say, THAT'S ENOUGH!!! The creeks & rivers are having major flooding here in Oklahoma, as well as in Kansas & Texas! Although I'm not directly effected by flooding, the farmland around us has been... last year we had trouble finding hay because of lack of rain and this year, we will have trouble for the opposite reason! It's been terrible!

I have severe arthritis, so rain makes me HURT! some mornings, I can barely get out of bed as my joints are so stiff & hurt so bad. Yesterday I decided to try to get in the swimming pool.... we have one of the soft-side pools which is big, 4 ft deep and 18 ft round.... I couldn't bend either knee enough to climb the ladder! I was so disappointed! Anyway.... this is what's going on in my world!

As far as my diabetes, I've been doing better with my diet, thus my numbers have been better.... hmmm....does that tell me something or what???? :) anyway, it helps having all the fresh fruits & veggies in season. Love grilling in the summer, too, although the rain has limited that as well...

Just thought I'd check in with a blog from Okieland...

hope all is well with whoever reads this!