QUITTER...Turned LOSER ... 7 Weeks!

Hello all-
I’ve been away for a few weeks, but I wanted you to know that I have been peeking in to check on things.

I also wanted to let you all know… in 6 minutes at 1:00am it will be 7 weeks since I last smoked!!! I still can’t believe it. I had tried so many times for so many years to quit and each time (after about 5 -10 days) I’d go back to the smoke hut at work and announce “I’m NOT a QUITTER”. Well, now I say “CALL ME QUITTER!”

So, I’m still on the weight loss plan too! LOSER here I come! But, I did not exercise for the past 5 or so days due to 2 very, VERY sick kids (both ran 102 fevers for 5 days!). I also did not write down anything I ate. This was NOT good, but I’m back on track today and both kids returned to school today. I walked only 1 mile tonight, but that was because I realized 19 minutes into my 30 minute walk that my legs were feeling rather rubbery. I yelled to my family… “Help?” like a question and my son appropriately yelled back “what?” I yelled “I need some help” and he came running. After explaining the rubber situation he looked at me and said, “so, OJ or the monitor?” I asked for the monitor and he got it. I checked while still walking and when I saw 42 I decided the last 10 minutes of the walk could be ignored today! So, once I got off the treadmill I found my daughter on the phone and my husband in front of the TV (note, neither one answered my plea for help!) but my son saved me and totally agreed that 20 minutes was good enough for my walk! I love my son!

Keep an eye on my updates as I’m hoping I may have to change my BLOG titles to LOSER… very very soon!


Hey Good Girl!!! That’s Great to hear. Ya, I gained weight for the first 1 1/2 months(which was a downer) but lost what I had gained soon after. A Big pat on your back. I know how difficult quitting smoking is. (I love your Son too). :wink:

I heart your son. Good job, keep going strong! I love these posts. Glad the kids are better too.

I am so proud of you! For being a quitter and a loser! You ROCK!!

Congratulations Erin!!! Great Job!