QUITTER - 4day countdown

I want to thank everyone who has responded to George’s post asking for support for me. I have received some great feedback, which has given me some good ideas on how to tackle my “I QUIT” program. I am not sure I have the strength to go cold turkey, so I plan to put on a patch first thing Sunday morning. Two people directed me towards great websites that will be of assistance in my goal. Thank you! I’m feeling positive, but a little scared at the same time. I know when my “weak” points are, so I think that is a good starting point: I smoke outside ONLY, so when I walk my dogs (I have 2), I smoke, I smoke in my car and I take a break after I complete “projects” at work and go smoke. Someone told me these are triggers. I’ll have to tackle them … and find a way to work around them.

Again, thank you! I’m So glad I found tudiabetes. What a great support network.

Getting ready to be called QUITTER!

You can replace the triggers with new “good” habits. I used to have one in the car at a certain intersection on my way to work. When I quit, I decided to have a mint, and put on a new lipstick instead.

Thanks Marie.
Funny. I was thinking this morning that I need a new lipstick : )
I have my commute timed to my cigarettes. I will plan some new habits.
I really can’t thank you and all of the people who have been so positive for the help!

Baby Carrots and mints. I used them all the time. I am so excited Erin! This is going to be tough but so worth it. I am rooting for you!

You get a super huge gold star for your support!
Thank you,

I would like to participate in the I QUIT program too!

We can do this together!

Keep at it, Erin… don’t give up.

Thank you Manny! I’m SO determined.

Cynthia - I’d love to have a partner in crime on this mission. Keep an eye on your “Inbox”. I’ll drop you a line.