Rant! Diabetic Magazines? Are you F*ing serious?

I just wanted to let you all know that this rant is NSFW (Not safe for work) and NSFK (Not Safe for Kids) If you are at either, wait until you are in an appropriate situation to listen to this rant.

I make no apologies for my language, because I am actually genuinely pissed off about this.


Dear WDC ,don’t get tooo p-od ( sp??) …it may raise your BP !..this is my simple outlook on life …one does not need desserts , donuts, banana splits , north American style pizza , triple decker hamburgers etc. etc. to lead a normal life . Mindful eating is very helpful , for all humans ( including our foster cat , who is weighing far too much : another challenge :)) …I probably even safe a bundle of $$ by not purchasing any of the magazines you showed. …that’s just me . Have a great day …let’s call it Thanksgiving Day here too

I’m with you. I unsubscriped from several on-line recipe newsletters for the same reason. Macaroni & cheese, bean soup, spaghetti, potatoes, rice. WHAT? Mac & cheese was 36 carbs. That’s for 1 cup. Know anyone who’d eat one cup of pasta?

Yea, this message brought to you by Big Pharma who encourage you to take more insulin & more pills & eat whatever you want.

Desserts & more desserts that substitute artifical sweeteners for sugar. Does anyone need a recipe for this? Never mind that it’s the flour that’s the killer for us.

Great rant. And well deserved . These people are idiots. Pizza and cake . Just what I eat all the time. Not.