You can't have that!

As I am sitting at the Cheesecake Factory I really want some cheesecake! When we first got there the watriess saw me checking my bloodsugar. “Oh are you diabetic?” I had a bad day a really want to be a smart butt. But I politly answer yes. I order a diet coke, and the Four Cheese Pasta (my personal favorit). We get done eatting and everytime she comes by the table she has a new question about diabetes. So I answer her questions and am happy too. The more people know about it the more hope for a cure. She come back and ask if we would like some dessert. I would. Oh well what would you like. Just plain cheesecake. " You cant have that… can you?" I did not have the best day. And just want some damn cheesecake (I am a stress eater) but I tell her that as long as I closely monitor my bs’s and count my carbs and take my insulin I have have almost anything. Maybe I was just overly sinsitive because of my bad day. But really was I wrong? It just makes me mad at how misinformed how people are. And they think they know what I can and cant have.

I know what you mean. There are certain people who I just KNOW are thinking “She shouldn’t be eating that” when I walk by with half a muffin, once a month. I can feel their judgement. It’s a half a muffin, people! And it’s called rapid acting insulin. And I don’t tell you how to handle that menopause, so leave me and my new muffin friend alone.

But your actual education of people sounds like a much better route to go than my inward rage.

I love the 6 carb cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory!!!

6 carb? If I am going to have cheesecake I am gonna have the real stuff!

You can do both. I was just telling myself “be nice emily… and I WANT SOME DAMN CHEESCAKE!” so I was being nice and having some inward rage

Ah! the half informed new recruits for the Sugar Police. Those are my favorite ones to try and re-educate. Right after, the “Well my grandma/uncle/distant relative has diabetes (they never know what type) and he/she/they don’t eat that., therefore neither should you.” ones.
It’s tiring, especially after a rough day, to continue to explain Diabetes to people.
I mean really, people don’t go around asking people with other diseases about their treatment plans.
Can you imagine a waitress asking a breast cancer survivor “I see you’re wearing a pink ribbon and your hair is falling out. Did you go the chemo route or did you decide to get your breast removed? Oh, and shouldn’t you just be eatting brocolli because I’ve heard that has a lot of cancer fighting nutrients in it.”

I’m glad you ordered the cheesecake. If we have to think for our pancreus 24/7 we might as well enjoy a slice of cheesecake once and a while.

AMEN to that.

Your comment made me smile.

Good. Glad it cheered you up a bit. If we can’t laugh at ourselves and all the interesting circumstances diabetes gets us into we might as well be dead.

thats how you spell laugh. And true. Also I have to laugh at myself that I cant spell such a simple word as laugh! HAHA Oh well

I know the feeling, people do that to me all the time. Or tell me that 150 is to high and i should go to the hospital. If you don’t know about diabetes, please don’t judge us on what we eat. We know our bodies and can decide for ourselves what is safe and not safe to eat

FWIW, after getting great control with insulin, I finally bought myself a slice of the Cheesecake factory cheesecake because I’d heard people praising it.

I was UNimpressed. I bake and make my own cheesecake, and I knew immediately it was filled with some kind of bogus fat instead of cream cheese by the texture. The flavor was like some kind of boxed bake good. Completely artificial.

You could make a reduced sugar or no-sugar cheese cake at home for 4 bucks that would be ten times more delicious, just by using the classic Philly cheesecake recipe and substituting Splenda for some or all of the sugar in it.


What do you use for a crust?

I like thier cheesecake but I like their food more. Where can I find that recipe?

My most notorious diabetes policeperson is a friend of my mothers. She thinks that since she went to nursing school in 1950 and only worked as a nurse for 2 years that she has more knowledge about the situation than I do.

When my father died 20 years ago, we were having refreshments after the funeral in the church dining room. A tray of cake slices was being passed around our table, and, as if came my way, someone from across the room yelled out, “don’t let her have any - she’s diabetic.” Even now I can still recall the embarassment that smothered me. I felt like a freak. If I saw that woman today I’d probably push her down and step on her head.

HA I would love to push some people down a step on their heads. Too bad that is assult!

I’m real good at inward rage.