Rapid Glucose Gel

Recently told by Walgreens pharmacy that the Insta-Glucose gel by VALEANT is a discontinued product. The 1.09 oz product contained 24g carbs. I am searching for another brand equally filled with carbs and taste. Okay…a little high maintenance D, here. Thanks for all suggestions.

Have a look at the CakeMate White Icing (in the baking section of your supermarket.) It has, I believe, 4 grams of carbs per tblsp. and is easy to take even when you are extremely low. I have found it to work as fast as any other remedy, and I always carry some with me. It stays in the side pocket of my car, does not deteriorate, is unaffected by temperatures, and I would not want to be without it.

Thanks. I have tried the icing before. Unfortunately the icing was more like an intake of candy than a fix. I may need to rethink about the product now.

endurance athletes use gel packets for energy in long distance events and some of them taste pretty good

http://www.carbboom.com/products/energy_gel.html (the apple carbbom tasted like a Mcdonalds apple pie filling - yum)

and my favorite:

you can find them at your local Target or sporting good store they usually go for about $1 a packet

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I’ve always used the PowerGel. vanilla and strawberry banana are awexsome and because they are the single serve packets you dont have the temptation to eat just a couple like i do with skittles or starburst. i use these when i am out and about, running or sailing or just walking around town. They are great to stash in the car or at work. and you don’t have to chew to get it down. they also have powerbar bursts with a gummy bear like outside and a gel inside. these taste great and are designed to get into your system very quickly
i also get gatorade powder and make that up really strong. i call it sludge. you can find small gatorade bottles, about 8 oz. i use them, and then refill them with a higher concentration of the gatorade powder. you can also just put the powder in them, so they will last, and fill with water when neccessary. otherwise they may get moldy after about a week.

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