Reaching 12,000 members

I think by Dec. 5.

What is your guess?

Got it wrong… :slight_smile:

I’m gong to say December 7 cuz that’s my birthday!

wanted to say NOW …need to be realistic ; choose December 25 …a celebration date here in my thoughts .

I’ll say December 12th since that is the day that the Olympic Torch is supposed to arrive in my city. YAY for both!!

My guess 12/1

I’ll go with December 2nd that’s my husband’s birthday.

I’ll take Dec 2nd also. It’s my husband’s birthday too!

I say at the rate things are going …Dec 3

HA! Marie there’s only 2 (or about 4) other special days in the year huh???

Dec. 6…my crystal ball says LOL Actually my sister’s birthday!

12,000?!!??! I remember when there were less than 1,000 members, I’m amazed how this site has grown!! Well done Manny!

Can I change my prediction , since it seems I was far off …just now I noticed 11998 members …to any moment :slight_smile: …maybe it is called " cheaten " ?

LOL!! :slight_smile:

I think is going to be today :)!!!

Hmmm… that sounds like insider information… /wink

I have to chang my prediction too I think it will happen today too!

It happened today, Nov. 30:

Hooray for everyone! I know that the moderators personally greet all the new members, but I want to use this thread to say, "Welcome everyone! You have come to an amazing place where you can get information, support and know that you are not alone in trying to live with this thing we call diabetes! I encourage everyone to jump on in and ask a question, share an experience, contribute to a discussion or start a new one! We’re a pretty friendly bunch!

12,000 !!! …almost the size of the community I live in …AMAZING , Manny …Happy ( what word should I use ??) …party time for sure :wink:

I see we made it!!! YIPPEEEE!!!