Really Awful 24 Hours

24 hour graph. Since midnight today, nothing seems to work. Eat Chinese and bolus normally. Low,low, low overnight. Then wake up high. Had a commitment for the fund raiser at our fire department, but BG kept spiking. Must have done 15-20 fingersticks today. Changed infusion set on pump. CGM readings good. About 3:30, started doing down and just kept going. DOWN. Was careful not to layer insulin. Ate fairly high carb dinner, with a lower than normal bolus, DOWN AGAIN, but finally reading 44.

These are the days I fight so hard, keep losing, and just want to give up. QUIT fighting Type 1. Almost 55 years.

Don’t give up. I have those kind of days all the time and I’ve been doing it not quite as long as you but since 1978 so I know the aggravation of trying to keep one’s blood sugar in check 24/7. Hang in there.


Before I got the Dexcom G5 I tested my blood sugar an average of 15 times per day for many years. I just got the Dexcom in September

I using a Dexcom and still testing that much

Thanks for the response. Think I just need support tonight.

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I have days where the sensor is not reliable and for those days I’ve actually used more strips than if I wasn’t wearing the G5. I’m talking strip usage around 20 per day. My usual (w/o G5) is 15. Otherwise, when the G5 is working well, which it usually is, I use on average, 10 strips/day.

So sorry , I know how it feels. Yesterday was like that for me, and it was awful. No clue why but I couldn’t keep my blood sugar above 100. I would correct with juice or something, and it would go up but crash an hour later. Then, I ate a normal meal with normal amount of insulin, ended up 378. Corrected that like I normally would but a unit less to be safe, crashed low again. It’s so tiring! And annoying when you have literally no explanation. I had been so level and doing great the past week or so and then all of a sudden my body wants to be wonky. I could sleep for days now. :sleeping:

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These types of days are the hardest. You can do everything possible to try to correct the situation and your body still doesn’t cooperate. And then on top of working super hard, you feel crappy from never being in range. Hoping tomorrow is a better day for you.

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Just had a day like this myself. Allow yourself to process what you’re feeling for a few minutes…angry, frustrated, weary…and then remind yourself that the next 24 is a fresh start. Take whatever info you can from this set of data, and try something different tomorrow. Don’t think of it as a “bad” day, just a day with new and different data points. :blush: FYI, I’m talking to myself as I write this.


That’s exactly like my day. And exactly how I feel. I didn’t even want get up today. As long as I’m asleep, I don’t worry.

Ok…a little off topic, but I have started trusting my Dexcom more. Some days I only do 2 finger sticks fo calibration if things are in line. Sometimes a couple more. I find that this has reduced my stress level and hasn’t caused any additional bg issues. Margin of error on meter is something like +/- 10%. When the numbers are off, how do you know it’s the meter that’s right? Sometimes the Dexcom gets a little wonky, but most of the time it’s fine and I go with it.

My wife’s most frequent comment when I show her some irrational blood sugar result is “That’s impossible!” and yet she’s been watching this chaos for the last 36 years. The idea that diabetes is controllable and that only ‘bad’ patients fail to achieve strict control is a stupidly which only doctors are dumb enough to believe.

I would say, though, that I’ve often had surprisingly high results with Chinese food, so maybe that’s what kicked things off.

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Sweetpee2, I was testing two times before entering a BG, as it was a volitile situation. Sometimes they are 40 points different.

Everything we depend on is desperately flawed.

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Seydlitz, I LOVE Chinese food. We have it every Friday. I’m pretty good at carb/insulin ratios. Rarely have problems.

Well I hope you can catch a break and things even out! Hang in there!

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I find my sugars go wacky when I let myself eat food that
I know will cause problems, yet I do it anyways. Then I say, “I know how to treat it”, but I end up chasing my sugars all day and night till the food is out of my system and I’m back to a normal carb, low sugar metabolic person. And to top it of- I feel better! So cookies, chocolate and ice cream are slowly disassociating from me. :blush:

just had one of these days too. worst part was I was on a retreat. always convinced my body has lost its ability to receive the insulin. beat myself up, test a million times even though the dex is on, then bottom out…we all do it…we all know the scene. IT STINKS!! thank goodness, THINGS change and its a new day. this disease is impossible to “get it right” as often as we would like. You are not alone, we have each other, and we must learn SURRENDER TO WHAT IS. Hope today is a good day Dave!

Just a note to tell you that you’re not alone in your struggle. I know how you feel. I’ve been fighting my T1D for 53 years and sometimes it can just be downright exasperating. I had a low yesterday morning of 40. Then a high of 363. Then another low of 56. Then another high… and so on and so on. Finger sticks? I quit counting. There’s no rhyme or reason to it sometimes. Just a word from a fellow long-term T1D. Hope things get better for you, as I’m sure they will.