Received my insulin pump and where have I been

Hi everyone Im sorry I wasn't around for a while >.<, I was very very busy with my school projects and exams, finally winter break is here :D, did I mention receiving my insulin pump? Ive had diabetes for 5yrs, ever since I begged my mother to buy me an insulin pump, the problem I was facing was the price it is pretty expensive. so last month my mother went to the rulers court and requested a paradigm veo insulin pump with a year of supplies, the accepted the request and Ive received it last sunday, I felt very happy to see my pink minimed insulin pump in my hands. well it will talk at least 4-5 weeks of training till I officially use my insulin pump by my self. I would like to thank first my mother for all her support and sheikh mohammed bin rashid for accepting my insulin pump request it truly made me a very happy person. well thats all for now ^^. ~Aisha Alfalasi