Clip for Dex

Just ordered this today, will report back
Only $13 bucks with shipping so if you want this before my report go for it!

Please report on what you think about this clip. I am still struggling with the best way to clip and or carry the receiver. I keep trying different alternatives, but haven’t yet found the “perfect” solution.

Just got my clip. It IS very solid, I don’t think it would accidentally pull off anything it’s clipped to. It is also pretty high profile, about 3/4", so will stick out significantly more than the zippered dex case. Haven’t decided whether to use it yet.
It came with alcohol swabs to clean the surface of the device, 3 sticky things - 2 round and one rectangular- and 3 things to snap the clip onto, same configuration as the tape things. You could use it on 3 different devices (though obviously not all at the same time with one clip).
I haven’t decided yet if I’ll like the higher profile. It would work well on a car dashboard too.

I tried various cases w/clips and found none of them acceptable for my lifestyle. I now just use the silicon cover that came with Dex and it does good job of keeping it from sliding out of my pants, or shirt pocket. I live near the water and go swimming frequently. Trying to remember to take Dex out of my swim suit pocket before jumping in has been the biggest challenge. My pump (Animas Ping) just swims with me.

Day 2 with my new clip, it is solid! Hasnt slipped off yet, Ive run and biked with it on too. I dont like the higher profile, but it is better than any other option I have seen. It spins around and I really like that. Hopefully Animas/Dex will figure out the clip thing when they merge!

Good idea about car dash!

Can you post a pic of where you stuck it on the dex? Wondering if it’ll stay positioned sideways with the clip on the end.

Not really sure how to make pictures small :frowning:

I put it on the back near the wider end. The clip constantly spins, which I really like. I thought it might be more stable so that is why I put it on the end instead of in the middle. I would recommend the middle bc it hangs under the belt clip on the end.

Hope this helps!


Too bad about the high profile, so this looks like something I’ll skip.

One idea for something that is much lower profile is the Clip Hanger ( The disadvantage of it is that you have to clip it to a belt loop or something like that. But it is very low profile and works very well. I had one on my last phone and it worked great. There was an accessory holder that I clipped onto my car dash for holding the phone and that would be a nice feature for the Dex while driving on long trips. And then when I wanted to put it in my pocket, it was low profile enough that it wasn’t a problem. But it wouldn’t be very useful for pants that have no pockets or belt loops.

I just got the leather case from Dexcom to replace the icky plastic screen case that came with mine. I took the clip off and am much happier with this. I keep it in my pocket in the daytime. At night I found a slide clip at the hardware store that clips through the leather case and clips on to my PJ’s.

The real solution for this is for Dexcom to make a smaller receiver. Or of course pump integration. Animas, here I come for my next pump if this integration takes place.

I tried the clip hanger… it fell off within a week ;(

The Clip hanger stayed on my phone for several years and never fell off. However, I’m not convinced that the back of the Dex receiver is completely flat, so maybe it doesn’t have enough surface area to stick to. So, maybe the clip hanger is not a great idea…

As I said before, we just need a smaller receiver. This thing is bigger than my pump.

I have the pump on one side and my phone on the other. With a third device hanging from my belt or clothing I will look like a total idiot rather than the partial idiot that people think I am today. I don’t see the need. The pocket works well and the rubber sleeve does keep it from slipping out of my PJ pocket at night. I can’t speak for the women, though.

I keep my phone in my purse, pump and dex clipped on. I sleep with the dex under my pillow.

I LOVE this clip. I love that it rotates, and I didnt think I would like that. But it is much more convenient and can I say ergonomical? It moves with me. The higher profile isnt sexy, but it does help it rotate and honestly I need to have the option to wear on my waist band/belt. As a hairdresser I am constantly moving around the salon, I dont stay in one spot for any length of time so I cant just put it in a desk drawer. And I dont always have pockets.

I have found keeping both pump and dex on one side of waist looks a little less conspicuous, no one seems to notice (and honestly I want to talk it up). When I first got my pump everyone who knew me noticed and asked.

The back of dex has a slight curve, but the larger adhesive is flush with it bc it is a little spongy. I cleaned both dex and clip with alcohol and let dry before attaching adhesive and I feel safe it is secure.

I think that it’s harder for women to find clothing with decent pockets. A lot of women’s slacks have no pockets and some have pockets that aren’t deep enough to safely hold the receiver.

I'm posting this here, and in the "(Cases Again..." thread).

Not long after I got the DexCom in 2009, May, I found a leather cell phone case at a street fair that fit and worked perfectly. When I first read discussions about this, I couldn't remember anything about manufacturer, etc. Due to constant use, it finally wore out a month ago, so I set out to find a replacement. The case cover actually had the manufacturer's name on it -- "Reiko"--but no model number or size information (heck, it fit the DexCom...!). So I found Reiko's web site (seems they mainly sell wholesale to resellers, hence me finding the first one at a street fair), and wouldn't ya know it but they have hundreds of sizes and model numbers, but no dimensions given, just which cell phone they were intended for. I found three that looked very similar to the one I had, and I found an on-line store where I ordered all three.

So good news! One of them that I ordered fits the DexCom perfectly. Write this down: "Reiko Model HP102A-TREO650BR" (the "BR" at the end is for "brown"--they may have other colors--I leave that as an exercise for you!).

Here are some pics:

Note that the cover is magnetic. It has never interfered with data transmission (Note to the physicists and EEs here: this is for the benefit of those who don't understand the difference between a static magnetic field and a dynamic one). The hole at the bottom of the case makes it really easy to get the DexCom out for a look. The combination of a belt clip and belt loops pretty much make it wearable on anything you have. The leather is sturdy and well-sewn, although constant use over two-and-a-half years wore my previous one out. So I'm probably gonna order some extras--the place I found this one is called, and the price was $2.99 each (I paid more for USPS shipping than I did for three different cases!!!)!!!

I hope this is helpful to everyone!

How is the clip on the case? Stronger than the clip on the dex case?

I went to an app’t. last week and couldn’t find my dex when I got there. I assumed I had left it at home. When I got back to my car, there it was, on the ground by the door!!! I called dexcom and all they could offer was the same case.

…I use a lowepro mini bag that clips onto belt loops…its really great. Its for cell phones etc but is the perfect size pouch for the Dexcom. I got mine at best buy. 15 bucks

Yeah, these things are a problem … especially for guys like me who are mini-geeks. I have a cellphone on one side and the pump on the other …(I hate the little black piece of … that I bought from Animas but at least it works)…so if I add a new device on my belt I will REALLY look dumb. Maybe a necklace will help.

While I rant, I bought the clip on pump bag. You can’t clip it on a belt loop because it faces the wrong way (just sticks our perpendicular to the body) and it won’t slip on the belts that I wear (a bit wide but not big time). So the Dex stays in my pocket. I will look at this for the pump itself. It would be nice if A had a decent selection of stuff to support their product.