Recently Diagnosed Type 2 on Metformin - taking medicine with bronchitis

I was diagnosed in June 2013, have been taking Metformin twice daily. Right now I have a mild case of bronchitis. In my 'managing diabetes' classes they gave us a list of some approved cough/cold meds you can buy over the counter, but I'm wondering what to look for or avoid in researching medicine that is not on that list. For example, Robitussin Maximum Strength Nighttime Cough DM isn't listed, is it all right to use? I've also used Mucinex Maximum strength. I know, I can call the pharmacist, etc., but I want to know what 'real' people have to say....
- Laurie

you can also look on like or and look at their drug interaction lists. You can enter all of the meds (including OTC (over the counter)) you take and at least some of them mention raising or dropping blood sugar levels.

The one thing about those drug interaction checkers is that they talk about blood sugars being raised or lowered, but they don't seem to realize that some drugs react differently to injected (artificial) than they do to natural insulin.

If you can find oral cold pills those should be fine, otherwise look for syrups that are marked sugar free.

It is also important to remember that with metformin, any drug or supplement that get's metabolized by your liver can interfere with the metformin action. This includes things like tylenol.

Robitussin Sugar-free. I try to make sure a git a bottle before winter cold season starts.