Medtronic and Mini Med 670G

I feel strongly that diabetics leaning toward purchasing anything from Medtronic should beware. The Mini Med 670G did not work for me. (I won’t go into details unless asked.) I turned Medtronic into BBB after a year of trying to get this pump to work for me. Training was after the 30 day return, so I had no idea it would not work for me until after the 30 days. I finally was allowed to return the pump system on Dec. 21st. Rueben Almaraz and Bill Hensley from Medtronic claim that 1) my credit card was credited with return amount (false) and next: 2) insurance cashed a check for the return (false–insurance is still investigating this claim) and today: 3) I received a check for the pump return (3/5/19); deposited it at my bank; and received the check returned with the note “The check listed was deposited to your account and has been returned by the drawee bank.” I am furious! Has anyone else had problems lasting over a year with such lying and now thievery since they have the pump and Medtronic’s check bounced? Suggestions? My diabetes is 51 years old. I have used many pumps over the years. I have never had this trouble with a company before. It sickens me.

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Thank you for sharing this. I have to change pumps soon from Animas to?? And have had minimal contact with the Medtronic people. I don’t have insurance, so I will be gathering lots of information before shelling thousands of my own money!

I hope you can get this straightened out sooner. How frustrating!

Medtronic once tried to extort $500 several years after a pump upgrade. I had to reach medtronics’s president’s office to resolve the issue. I detest their business practices. I’ll not buy another pump from them. I’ve had 5 models but no more.

If you have all the info you need you should be able to get your money back. Receipts, insurance papers, names and dates, the bank papers+charges you incurred when their check bounced. I’ve never had a problem with insilet corporation, omnipods. That is horrible that you have had to go through this. I hope you get this all straightened out and get your money back. These pumps are our lives and not to be played with. Good luck.

You need to find out the reason the Medtronic Check was returned. If it was because of lack of endorsement, you can redeposit it. If it was for lack of funds or stop payment, you need the check or a copy so you can take legal action.

Medtronic over billed me - I got it back after a year of their pathological lying - so you are not alone.

You can have 3 guesses as to what corporation will disappear from the face of the earth if I take over the world

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LOL! For me it would be Apple, FB, CNN. I’m pretty aggravated with Bezos too–you should see the scores of products I’ve purchased from Amazon that have gone up as much as 30% or more in less than a few months, in some cases. No wonder that slime is so rich–his employees have terrible working conditions/pay, he keeps charging more and more for products, Amazon Prime has gone UP, yet Prime Video has a paucity of good content and very little trickles in to the service. “Two-day” delivery via Prime is very hit or miss now. I think that entropy applies to Amazon as well as Apple.

I’m sorry you are having such frustration with Medtronic. I, personally, have found them to be one of the better companies to work with. The biggest problems I’ve experienced with them is when the 630 and 670 came out so close together. They were NOT prepared and their service has suffered a little for it.