Recomendations on new pump- Getting ready to get one!

Hi, my 2 kids ages 15 and 17 are both ready to get off injections and start to learn
about the pump. Any thoughts or ideas on brands?

I use the Deltec Cozmo pump and have very good experiences with the pump and with the customer service.

Here are some old discussions that might be useful:

Good luck and feel free to ask specific questions as you decide!

I can only speak to the brand I’m using - I’m not familar at all with others. I use a Minimed Medtronic pump. I can say that I’ve nothing but excellent service from the company, and I find the pump very easy to use. It’s pretty hardy - I’m always banging into things, and haven’t managed to break it yet. They do little extras, like send you a spare pump if you’re going on vacation, free fo charges except shipping. Very handy! I once accidentally broke the cap that holds the battery in - no problem, they courieured me a replacment immediately free of charge.

I’m hoping to upgrade to Minimed’s continous blood glucose monitoring pump sometime this year.

Love the Cozmo and all the features. Customer Service has always been quick to respond. And the CGMS Navigator was just approved for use with the Cozmo. Check out for a list of all the pumps. My 9 year old son is on the OmniPod but we’re in the process of switching back to the Cozmo.


What does it mean that Navigator was approved for use with Cozmo? I saw on the website that Abbott is endorsing Deltec Cozmo (which is a good sign for future communication). But currently the two devices cannot communicate-- so at this point it is simply an indicator of what could happen in the future?

Well, it was my understanding that the two would communicate. But you’re right, there isn’t anything on either website discussing that feature. I’ve been discussing the progress of the Navigator with my CDE over the past year and I thought she said you would be able to send your numbers to the pump. Wishful thinking?

There’s talk that this would happen in the future, but right now the Cozmo does not have any means to communicate with a CGMS (only infrared to communicate with the computer). I guess they would need to upgrade the pumps in order for it to communicate. Let’s hope!!!

I did all my pump research a few months ago. Here is a link to a site that has a lot of technical info in a review format for various pumps on one page, so it’s easy to compare.

I talked to a few people that had the Cozmo and they all loved it. I think it was the most featrue-rich. I ended up being drawn into the allure of the no-strings-attached Omnipod and I love it. If I had gone with a traditional pump, I would have chosen the Cozmo.
I would suggest maybe picking your top 2 or 3 and meeting with a sales rep and letting the kids try them out. I know the Omnipod has a sample kit where you wear a pod filled with saline for a few days to see if you like it.

Here’s another link that might be helpful, which compares many pumps:

(though it is two years old, so there are some changes)

I have used only MiniMed pumps in the 7 years I’ve been pumping, and have been very happy with their performance and customer service. I have upgraded through a few different models and IMO each model is far more user-friendly than the previous one - they really seem to use the feedback they get from their customers and I think it will be interesting to see what they come out with next.

The few (minor) glitches I’ve experienced have been addressed quickly and in both cases I had a new pump on my doorstep the next morning (after calling around midnight!), and never even had to disconnect from my pump.

My favorite thing about the MM system is the CGM capability, I got the sensors earlier this year and it is incredibly helpful to have them integrated with the pump. For this reason I would definitely recommend going with Minimed if there’s ANY way you’d consider using sensors (even on a temporary basis to set basal rates, etc).

The only thing I dislike about my pump is the tubing, for this reason I am curious about the Omnipod - but I would never consider switching until they added an integrated CGMS. I have a feeling many companies will be adding this capability soon, so you will probably have a lot of decent options!

Good luck!