Smiths Medical is planning to discontinue manufacturing the Deltec Cozmo® insulin pump for direct sale

Wow, big bad news in the universe of pumping. The announcement makes clear that Smiths will do right by their current customers but pump market is losing the the most customizable option. What a turn off that corporate MiniMed with its proprietary and unimaginative design is cornering more of the market. The bit about continuous glucose monitoring is good news overall as I take that to mean that CGM integrated pumps (and insurance coverage along with it) is inevitable (eventually).

One of my pumper buddies in my province is using Cozmo; I have sent her this information .This company did not ask for a hand-out in order to survive , I am sure …how sad for the future .

Ok I planned on going on Cozmo in May what does this mean to me? Should I order it asap so I am on warenty? … It was the easy choice to pick Cozmo. I dont want to have to make another choice in pump.

Or is it that the Cozmo will still be made but not by Smiths Medical? If you could get back to me that would be great. Best way is to comment my page, Thank you so much for this update.

Michael :slight_smile:

Ok so whats this mean Cozmo will be no more at all? Or do they plan to just sell it in a new way?

If you can not tell I am very frustrated with this news.

I mean that is real sad if so.

Michael ^~^

I am so upset by this news! Needless to say, I can’t believe that I will get good customer care anymore either…my mom is very upset, and we will be getting another pump. Animas. I have used and still own a MM722, and I’ve used an OmniPod, but traded that in to Cozmo for a credit which who knows what is going to happen with now.
So mom and I decided that we should make the switch to Animas because I will be going on Dexcom soon and they are supposed to be integrated in the near future.

So mad/upset! =(

I’m with Dave. This isn’t an iPhone. Our good health and our very lives depend on these small machines. Reliability and consistent quality are the top priorities.

Dave be nice …please. Your comments are in print .Cozmo users have a right to be upset with this news. It is , soon to be was , there life line , as for you and I Medtronic is ours . It will take more planning, researching etc. on their part .And we are already sooo consumed by trying to have " normal " days .Thanks.

Here is the announcement on their home page:

What made you decide to trade in the omni pod? I am considering getting one…

Please, let’s try to not derail an otherwise useful discussion.

The topic here is not whether Cozmo has or not the best pump design, etc. As a matter of fact that is almost a mute point by now.

It seems that “what’s the best pump?” is among the most controversial questions in the world.

What I have found is everyone LOVES their pump. And for different reasons.

As we all know, YMMV= “Your Mileage May Vary” in so many aspects of diabetes. It’s true for insulin pumps too.

Since there are many people who have used and loved the Cozmo pump (myself included), I see this as a loss to us. Less options is bad.

What we get from this is that the smaller pump companies need to innovate or they will not be able to survive. This will hopefully mean that the companies compete to create more integrated (and better) CGMS and pump companies competing to be more user-friendly. I don’t want to see any more pump companies leaving the market though…

It’s true. making the pump decision is really tough. I like the Cozmo emphasis on customer service. They seem to have a good approach.

I am so irritated. I am in the process of getting my pump, just waiting for the authorization to go through and I had picked the Cozmo, now I don’t know what to do. Apparently I need to pick a different pump. Which is awesome because it was so much fun picking one the first time around, NOTE MY SARCASM. What are the odds.

How much will I have to rearrange my understanding of how to take care of my diabetes because some arbitrary (from my perspective) decision means that my type of pump is going to be out of commission next time I need a new one? Apologies for the run-on sentence there… in a smaller set of words, I don’t want to have to change my techniques for self-care, it took me long enough to get them to the point they are at now, that is to say, pretty good. I got a Cozmo because it’s a pretty intuitive system, with customizability up the wazoo - I feel like all the other pumps have bells and whistles and integrated CGM, but none of them have what I want (disconnect feature, hypomanager).

Lol. Yeah…we’ve switched insurance a lot, and they just kept covering them, so it was like, hey, why not! I mean, they’re all great in their own ways, but the MM just didn’t fit my needs anymore. It is a very good pump though. Very reliable and built well. I’m glad you love your MM so much, and I wish you nothing but luck with it as long as you use it for! =)

Well, I had the OmniPod and the MM at the time…the OmniPod is 800$ for a PDM, where the MM is 7,000$ for the pump. We could much easier put out the money to buy another OmniPod PDM than an entire MM pump, and they would have given us the same credit for either pump.
Also, insurance wouldn’t cover pods anymore, so I couldn’t use it. I loved the OmniPod though…I love all the pumps, and like I said, they’re all awesome in their own ways, you just gotta ppick the one that best suits your needs! =)
Good luck!!