Redness from CGM

Hello everyone,

Back in August I finally switched to a pump, 670G with the CGM. About two weeks ago i got more supplies, and both times I have changed my CGM I have been getting a terrible redness/rash/itch under the tape (see below). I never had this problem the first few months, but it is very irritating and I cannot find any solutions for this. Has this happened for anyone else or anyone have any suggestions? Thanks.


It looks like you’ve added a larger over/under-adhesive product. Does the redness occur if you don’t use that?

Those are the patches that came with the Guardian Sensor 3 from Medtronic, and just following their instructions. I had no issues the first 3-4 months of using them. I have not used any other product besides this.

Perhaps you need to experiment with some alternate products. Have you talked with the Medtronic help-line about this? They may have some ideas. Your sensitivity is not uncommon.

I have not yet. Likely my next move. I was hoping to find suggestions here with people who actually use or know the situation first hand, as opposed to someone on the phone for their job.

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Do you have same reaction in all locations? Some skin areas are more sensitive than others. I have used skin prep as mentioned in the other post, and worked well for areas I had problems with.

I have only used the CGM on my stomach so far. The other suggested spot is the back of the arm, but I am yet to try it there as I am pretty slim and not as much room there. I do not have any reactions to where I connect my actual pump, and these reactions have just started the past two times connecting the CGM, where it was fine for the first 3-4 months of using it.

Try using the Tagaderm patches. I use them to cover over my CGM. Have never had a issue. Available thru Amazon. Diabetic Suuples

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I’ve talked to a fair amount of pumpers at Medtronic over the years. And don’t discount tech support as a resource regardless of a rep being a pumper or not.

I have a very bad reaction to some adhesives and I was worried about that when I got a pump and the Libre Sensors. So far I haven’t had an issue. But I was told by a doctor that if I did I should try spraying Fionase under the area first and it works for some people. I have not tried it, but just an idea!

Personally once I start reacting to something I usually just keep getting worse so switching tape might be better. And sometimes the manufacturers change ingredients too and now you have a different batch. You might call them to find out any information they have.

I have been having terrible allergic reactions to pump inset and dex sites. I started using duoderm under dex and first spraying with sensimist. It has helped but it’s not perfect. I also just had a terrible reaction to a heart halter at all sites, two leads had big scabby reactions😳 I’ve never had that before.

I don’t know what adhesive Is used in ECG patches but they have always left me res for a couple of days. Where as I don’t have any issues with the Dexcom adhesive ortagaderm patchs.

My 670 sensor tape does not cover the entire transmitter as in the picture and I haven’t experienced a rash. I have also used OpSite Flexy tape to affix infusion sets and transmitters for many years when I go swimming without any irritation