Refurbished Pump.....What stories could you tell?!?!

My Ping was having a few problems…so I was issued a new pump yesterday. I have no idea if it was refurbished, but I’m guessing it was.

I also know when I send them my old pump there is a high chance that they will repair it and pass it on to another pumper.

When I packed the old pump, I felt a little guilty. We have been through a lot together!!!

I wish someone would develop a website so we could track where our pumps have been and know what stories they could tell.

They do it for dollar bills…why not pumps.

Am I the only one who gets attached to their pump and wonders about the previous owner of the new one?

Check out the website.for tracking dollars.

I don’t have a refurbished pump but that was something I was very concerned about when Animas replaced my pump in Jan. My pump was only six months old and I did not want it replaced with a refurbished one. I called Animas the day that my new one was supposed to show up and they were able to look up the serial number in their system to know whether or not it was refurbished. It wasn’t. She told me that they can do that anytime we get a replacement pump so you can call Animas & ask – that way, you will know for sure. She told me that they don’t have too many refurbished ones so chances are low at this point that you would get one (although that obviously doesn’t help if your happens to break the day they have a refurbished one ready to go out).

I didn’t know that you can look up money so thanks for the tip!

The screen on my Ping was really scratched up from normal use. I bought a film…but it was too late. It was very hard to see/read. I was amazed how much difference a new, clear screen can make!!!

The screen wasn’t why I sent it back…but I was getting frustrated by the decreased view through the screen.

I wouldn’t be too worried about getting a refurbished pump. It still has to pass all the quality inspections any other pump has to pass, after it’s refurbished. I have a refurbished one, acquired through the Animas Access program, and I have had 0 issues with it.

lol new pump smell! ^^