Regional Groups Created


We´re growing and we´re growing fast, so I thought it´d be a good idea to offer everyone the option to join regional groups, as a means of fostering the introduction of people that live somewhere “near” you with the hope that the reach of this effort one day can be taken offline too, allowing us to meet in person some of the other members we interact with in here.

The groups have been set up per region, with many regions for the US (since the majority of the current members are from the US) and one region for each of the other places that we have members of, trying to group geographical areas in a (hopefully) meaningful way
Please take a look at the groups and let me know if you feel they are named in a way that makes sense to you. In any case, feel free to join those that click with you. :slight_smile:

Last, if you have the inclination for it, I would love to see a show of hands for people wanting to be admins for the different groups. Administrative level will pretty much give you the ability to “run” the groups, but with great “power” comes great “responsibility”. :wink: