Geek project to help Regional Groups take off

OK, geeks!
I have a new project that needs a taker.

Skills required:

  • Basic web design
  • Intermediate HTML knowledge

Here’s the scoop:
We have dozens of groups in the Groups section that could help connect people living in different regions. However, the groups themselves are not easy to find.

The idea is to display a clickable map that members could hover over and click in order to either navigate a level down (for instance, if there’s a group of folks in LA and one in the Bay Area, they both would be linked to from the West Coast map).

The trick is to do this using maps (geographical maps) and combining them with HTML imagemaps (clickable images, where different portions of the image link to different pages.

I need help with putting together the project from end to end. The deliverable would be the different pieces of code that we could paste in static pages to be linked (ultimately linking to the appropriate Group pages). The main static page would be linked from a visible place in the home page.

Obviously, there would be visible credit displayed for whoever helps with this. We cannot offer any pay, but we can include a link back to your web site or portfolio if you so want to.

Are there any takers?

I can contribute to this with a map of the US and the image maps behind it.

Let me confirm that you’re looking for some HTML code than can be placed in a web page.

Hey, did you vote today? :slight_smile:

Would a mashup with Google Maps be suitable?

I wish I had the time . . . . then again, I haven’t coded an image map in probably 10 years.

One last question. Could someone assemble a list of groups by US Location?

I can help with this, most definitely. It’s relatively easy image-mapping, actually. All one would need are the maps, and the locations they’re supposed to link to, and I’d be able to take care of the rest.

I am working on something similar for iPump (click on states to who we have helped and where our donors are from) and am otherwise incredibly swamped. But if you get no one else to help when I am done with my own mapping project perhaps I can help some.

How about this example?

I used the map from Wikipedia. I think Creative Commons allows this, though we should give attribution.

I can’t guarantee that I picked the right group in each case, I’d welcome corrections.

OMG, Bernard!!! This is amazing!!!

What do you suggest we do to be inclusive with regards to Canada, UK, Australia, etc.?

Maybe we can have a world map?

I think that a world map that might lead to maps for continents (or directly to groups) would work.

I can see if I can put that together over the next few days. Let me know if you’d like the source.

Also, the longest part of this work was getting a list of all the groups.

Can someone collect a list of all geographical groups for me? That will really speed things up.

I will get it to you.

The big problem is getting a suitable world map to use. The CIA World Factbook has a map, but it’s too detailed.

Does anyone else have suggestions for a suitable one?

Manny I think you and I are the only geeks here.

Do you want the source code for the US map part?

If you can get me a decent world map, I can quickly put the other one together.

Happy WDD


I have been trying to find a good world map.

Is there anything more besides the source code that is visible through “View Source” that I would need?