Type 2 Diabetes Vacation Tips

Just came back from a week’s vacation, which was great fun. Over the past year and a bit I’ve come to dread vacations a lot less. At first, I was more pissed off about the lack of good eating on vacation than I was happy about going on vacation at all. But now I’ve come up with some strategies that I can live with and thought I’d share. I’m sure my free advice is worth every penny. :smiley:

  1. Stay in a place with a refrigerator. Several times during the week we had breakfast in the room rather than at a restaurant; and once I got take-out from Whole Foods. Saves money, promotes variety, helps you to stick to whatever your plan is.

  2. You don’t have to live at the gym. I only went to the gym once on the week’s vacation, but I kept BGs in check by omitting some snacks and doing lots of absorbing activities that required walking or otherwise moving. Kept my mind off food and was very entertaining and a nice change-up from the gym routine.

  3. Bring your own snacks for the plane and other places you can/want to bring snacks. I carry jerky or nuts around quite a bit.

  4. If you’re going to splurge, make sure it’s worth it. I had cheesecake once, a black-and-white-cookie once (my favorite!) and Cuban food once. All totally worth it. Other than that, I stuck to egg breakfasts, chopped salad with dressing on the side lunches, and plain protein item with two veg dinners. If I hadn’t splurged at all I would have felt resentful. As it was, it felt like a good balance.

Not only did I have a great time but I stepped onto the scale after my vacation at the same weight that I was beforehand. That has never happened to me before I think.

Great ideas, this is something I am still working on. Since I low carb it’s a little more difficult. I too have recently discovered jerky, you can find it at most convenience stores along with nuts.

Great ideas. I also “splurge” once in a while on vacations…and take the necessary precautions.

Yes having a kitchen while on holidays is a great thing! I was in mexico a couple years ago and I had one… but.didnt know I was diabetic then.
The first day I was there… I bought some groceries so I could cook for myself… thought it would be cheaper… turns out it wasnt…Breakfast at the restaurant around the corner was $2.70 american. It included 2 eggs,2bacon,toast,refried beans, hashbrowns and coffee.

They had a walmart there which is where they suggest tourists buy their food so as not to get sick…pppffftttt!! the prices were the same there as they are here. but eating out is cheaper??? lol go figure!!

Some excellent tips - I’m like you were having a fridge is always handy - as well as keeping crisp bread (it doesn’t go moldy - my fav is Ryvita) - for making low carb breakfast to take outside to nibble on.

I find too when I’m holidays - I’m way more active then I am at home - so often those no-no foods I wouldn’t touch at home - get eaten - because I’ll be able to burn them off. Next month I go to Spain - so I’ll be enjoying all the different cuisine that I don’t get here in North America (I’m not a fussy eater - love to try new things).

One little tip - if any of you are on a low carb diet - for the plane ride - bringing abit of cubed cheese and some crackers can suffice for keeping your tummy satisfed. Due to liquid regulations now, buy a bottle of water once you get past security, and fill up from fountain when you need to or if you have a metal flask for water - pack it in your carry on - EMPTY - and refill on other side.

Not sure where you live Frances (will check your profile page after I post this) - seeing as you say you ate Cuban - you’re either Canadian or European since Americans can’t go to Cuba - but if you are insulin dependent - we are allowed to bring juice boxes in our med bags - incase of going low. I’ve only had them confiscated when I am returing from USA - they don’t allow it - but Canada side does if you have a medical condition like ours. Check tho’ first - as rules are constantly changing!

I surely loved the “splurge” part! Anyways, a good hospital is always a cab away. =)