MM Sensor needle removal issues

Has anyone had problems removing the needle on the MM Sensors after Instertion ?

I am finding that some times I cannot with all my strength, pull it out and had to revert to a pair of plyers to do the pulling. I have also wiggled the end before instertion to be sure teh plastic is loose and still issues.

Yes I have, though I haven't gone to the extremes you describe. It's all about finding the right angle, and making sure your fingers aren't holding another part of the needle in. Sometimes I'm ready to give up, so I let go of everything and then re-grasp it and go at it again (it's not much fun moving around with a long needle inside of you!) and then it works. It's all about the angle, and it's not very forgiving.

When changing sites, you may want to re-insert the new insertion needle into the old (just removed) sensor. Play with it a bit (carefully!) and figure out how to get the angle right.

I have trouble with this when my fingers are wet. I sometimes just wait a minute and try again. I always get it on the second try.

Thanks... I will try your suggestion to re-insert the new insertion needle into the old (just removed) sensor. Play with it a bit (carefully!) and figure out how to get the angle right.

Somedays yes. This last one came out really easy though.

I exhale and "pull the trigger" when I've completed the exhalation as I read that biathletes do this to be steady when they are shooting . It gives me something else to think about. I don't think I've had any get quite as hung up as you've described but every now and then I'll get one that seems to have a wierd angle that requires "wrassling"?

That just sounds brutal! I'd be scared I would pull out more than the sensor if I was reverting to plyers. I've never heard that about MM sensors before. Makes me glad I went with Dexcom.

Yes!!! I have had quite a few that refuse to come out! I really don’t think it’s the angle that I’m pulling. I believe there is something wrong with the sensor.

Happens to me as well sometimes.Like you I keep a small pliers nearby if i need it. I cannot feel the sensors since I have neuropathy in both hands. I adapt to the situation and deal with it. I wouldn't be concened about it wallskev.Have a great 2012.

I feel like the ones that are difficult to pull are the good ones! I haven't had any trouble with my last two and it took days for them to get on track. yymv :)

yes, a deep breath does it for me ...always a bit mentally uptight , however 99 percent of the time no blood , no excessive
( sp ??) pain ..and I carry on

A deep breath OUT (not in) helps... When the lungs are empty, all of your inner body-parts are less pressed together and it makes it a bit easier to manipulate the needle. I find that when inserting a needle, too, that an exhale helps. Just don't do it for too long or you can't breathe!

It's sort of amusing that a bunch of us have sussed out the "exhale" thing but it's not in the training materials?

Deprive yourself of oxygen momentarily while stabbing yourself. Yeah, the FDA would sure endorse that technique.

a new chapter has been added :) ..( .I also do stand up , when I insert and remove needle )

I have not had to resort to this...but have had some stubborn ones, and I find if I give it a little wiggle while holding the sensor firmly in, I have no issues. It has been coming out very easily lately.