Replace Animas pump

Need input on replacing my Animas One Touch - which I love. Customer service for Medtronic is atrocious so they are off my life unless someone can convince me otherwise. Was leaning toward T Slim but very concerned about the priming issue (takes a long time and alot of insulin) and possible highs that result for some folks. Know nothing about the omni pod yet.
And doesn’t sound like any pumps (other than Animas) have a remote to deliver insulin from meter to pump. Any recommendations based on experience would be so helpful.

When we switched from Animas to Tandem, it did not take us very long to get used to the prime. It now (with t:lock connector) takes 11 or 12 units to fill/prime.

I have not heard of any “possible high” issues related to any pumps. Certainly issues around BG control including highs, lows and fluctuations but don’t recall hearing about any particular pump being prone to causing high BG.

The remote that came with the Animas Ping was great.

We are pretty satisfied with our Tandem t:slim X2.

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Here is the feedback from someone on this site regarding highs “Just use the trial period if you go TSlim. Some of us had to give up that pump because the cartridgesystem caused us to have high BG about every two to three days despite numerous site changes. It has to do with the bladder cartridge they use in the pump. Excellent service, nice pump but there are some documented cases where it wouldnt work for some patients.”

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Given how little insulin I use - and how expensive it is (my Apidra fast acting insulin is not on my insurance plan’s formulary) 12 units is alot given only 3 with Animas. And heard it takes about 15+ minutes to prime. Also love the Animas lua lok. Not sure what the tadem set is like.

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@Spring1 I use the Tandem X2, and as a first pump am very happy with it. Sets up to 23" in length usually take 10.4-11.6 units for me. 43" sets I am able to prime with ~16 units. It generally takes me < 5 minutes start to finish to place a new set, prime, re-engage the pump and remove the old set and glue. I have had few if any occlusions with this pump and my one and only one complaint would be the very loud intermittent beep as the set primes. Everything else I love. The G5 integration has been almost trouble free, and I rarely if ever loose the BT connection (maybe it’s sensor placement, luck or just witchcraft. Who knows?). I did have a spot of trouble with the transmitter when I first started the pump. The transmitter would not recognize the pump because the Dexcom receiver was still active. Easily sorted that out and am now very happy with this pump.

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That is funny. No - somebody is exaggerating.

Unless they are including running out to the pharmacy for a new vial of insulin.


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Loads of information on this site. Note that the default sort for search results is by relevance, and if you search “omnipod,” then posts as old as 2009 and 2010 are near the top. Much has changed/improved since then, so make sure to also sort by “Latest post” and/or “Latest topic” so you don’t waste time reading about issues that no longer exist (or don’t occur as much).

Btw, I do not know if the Omnipod offer for Animas patients is still open. I tried to get in on the trial and never managed to get a quote from them and my insurance company. I wanted to try it, and it was a good deal but they really were inept at getting me an answer about coverage.