Repplacemet receiver and Studio

I got a new receiver today because the one Ive had for three weeks was not beeping me when it was supposed to.

Now I find I can't merge my old data with my new data. What is the point of not doing that? How would I see my patterns from when I first began, how would I get my average?

May just keep the old receiver. They want me to send the old one back to them.

Did the hard reset fix the no beep for lows problem? If so then I would definitely keep it. If it did not and you can live with a no beep for low if you just use it to give coverage over the restart 2 hour window then keep it. I did and I'm glad I have two. It's interesting how quickly you begin to feel blind when you do not have access to trend/number data.

Since the new receiver has a different serial number when you go to upload it will start a new data file. You can always look at the old file to get you average and patterns and compare them to the new file.
I use one as my primary, and the other as a backup/startup overlap. I take my main info from the one I designate as number one since it has the most data. You can still see trends and problem periods since the backup gets the most use during the 2hour blackout during a reset.
Just be aware that since your overlapping a new sensor startup or a reset that the trends are good but the absolute number may be off.

I think I figured out what I did wrong and the customer service guy never asked me about it. I had a nooze on my alarms! I believe that delays the beeping until the nooze is up?

The initial alert is always just a vibration. If you acknowledge the vibration by pushing the button then it will not beep until the time you have set for snooze. I have my high snooze set for 90 minutes and my low snooze set for 60 minutes. But it is entirely up to you. Each receiver has a separate serial number and the data cannot be merged. I found this out initially when I sent my first receiver back after 3 weeks when the USB door fell off. The data from the second receiver could not be merged. Now I have 4 sets of data because over the almost 2 years I have had the Dexcom system this is my fourth receiver. I currently have 2 receivers both of which work but neither can be integrated.

Thanks Clare and 2hobbit1